• When: 07/10/2018
  • Workout Style: HIT
  • QIC: Griswold
  • PAX: Madoff, Misty, steamer, Pasquale, Ramsey, Bayliner, monkey wrench, au jus, Hillary, Pocahontas, big Mic, shroom, Gertrude, the second mile, Griswold
  • AO: Dreadnought, West Carteret High School

Rolling in with Misty and Pasquale from the 5:05 standard, YHC was pleased to see some different faces at the dreadnought. After drying my eyes because there was no sight of  Jang or Flip, There was a Countdown from two minutes to hard start.  We ran down the side road of the student parking lot around to Glad Tidings. We circled up for Warmarama:

SSH IC x 15

Single leg sun gods x 10 each IC

Mountain climbers x 15 IC

Calf stretch right and left

Single leg bridges x 10 each

Active hamstring stretch x 3 each

We then did a Double-down Indian run back across the road and to the track. I think the pax was confused about what a “backpedal” means because most just trotted in place and looked like Fred Flintstone trying to get his car moving. 🤔

At the track, We lined up single file on the first lane for plank side steps, back and forth across the lanes.  We then ran a lap with a backpedal on the straights and a run on the curves. Another round of plank side steps across the track X 2. 

We partnered up for 10 Booyah Merkens, then run opposite directions around the track and meet for plank jump-over-Burpee‘s X 5 each partner. Return run the way you came to meet again for 10 Booyah merkins. We repeated the cycle with 10 wheelbarrow Durkin’s each and then again with 10 partner world war ones. 

Next was three cycles of AMRAP (30 seconds on), split up by 10 IC hand release merkins. Cycle one: right single leg line jumps, two: left single leg line jumps, three: side lunge jumps.

With BRR approaching quickly, we couldn’t neglect the bleachers, the only hill with an eye sight of West Carteret. We split into two groups, one at visitor bleachers and one at home bleachers: 3 laps up and down the center bleacher stairs, followed by a 200m run to the opposite side and repeat. Somewhere around lap 2 of this thang, the Q called Omaha due to time. The two groups met up, and we ran to the brick wall at the student parking lot.

Next, a Jack Webb cycle of 4, 8, 12, 16 reps of donkey kicks alternating with prisoner-ups IC, With a palate cleanser lap across the parking lot between each cycle. Less than 3 minutes remained, so we sprinted back to the flag to squeeze in a little Mary:

15 monkey humpers IC

15 low slow flutter IC, until a hard stop.

Countoff, nameaRama, and announcements: steamer on bells tomorrow 👀🧐, misty with an extra credit run.  We went out in prayer, thanking the Lord for the blessing we’ve received with F3 and for the freedoms we take for granted in our great country.

Over the last three weeks, since signing up for this Q, YHC jacked-up  my shoulder and it has progressively worsened. Not wanting to bail on the Q, things were modified at the last minute so that the Q could fully participate (with a little help of ibuprofen). This also gave me the chance to do more runner’s hip stability exercises. This is a weakness that I have found to be a common source of running injuries my clinic over the years.

Injuries are frustrating when you can’t do the things you normally do, but the Carterico pax has been inspiring… Many of the injured pax continued on with a modified workout, as opposed to a fart-sack rest until recovery. ⚔️

Great push by the pax today, especially the non-dreadnought regulars. That 29th monkey humper with one minute left was thigh burner!  After Being caught up with the intensity of the dreadnought, the Q wants to thank Hillary for keeping me in check about an important philosophy of F3 and keeping the 6 close.  ⚔️

Thanks for the keys today Ramsey. The dreadnought has quickly become one of my favorite AOs, where I consistently leave feeling like I got a good beating. It was an honor to Q today. 👊



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