It was 17 degrees this morning with ice and snow on the roads. A small group gathered to show mother nature they were too badass to stay home. Mission statement was delivered along with an ice warning and we slowly moseyed over to the first intersection for a warmarama/thang.

SunGods IC x 10 Forward and Reverse


Merkins IC X 25 – Mumble Chatter extinguished

Burpees OYO X 10

Diamond Merkins SC X 10

Squats IC X 20

Carolina Dry Dock IC X 10

Jump Squats SC X 10

Split Squats IC X 10

Reverse Lunges IC X 10

The intent was to wear out the pax before the wrestling match began. We were worn, but not out.

Mosey back to the parking lot to gather mouth guards and explain what was next. Pasqually knew the plan but the others had no idea they were about to wrestle. I’m fairly certain Monkey Wrench and Ronny B thought about leaving at this point so they were askedd to go first. No escape!

I’ve been wanting to do this for over a month. When is the last time you’ve been in a fight? It’s probably been a while. Well, in case you forgot, it’s hard and exhausting. We always say “Iron sharpens Iron”; we got sharper today for sure!

There was a small 4×6 tarp layed out over the snow, Ron and Monkey had to stay on the tarp while the rest of us tried to remove them. We quickly realized this was going to be fun. We did two rounds with everyone having a chance to be kings of the tarp.

Next was 1 on 1, winner stays on the tarp. This was tough and proved to be a lot of fun so we did 2 rounds with everyone agreeing to Omaha the third. There was one injury but overall, I’d call it a success.

We did another mosey to try and thaw out our frozen feet and added a set of

Imperial Walkers IC X 10

Windmill IC X 10

Right over left, Left over right, straight down the middle, and overhead stretches for a ten count.

Lessons learned from wrestling on the snow:

Stay low, respect members are tough as hell, don’t attempt a suplex from the ground, snow and ice is cold, F3 is awesome.



Ruck today at 2pm leaving from Sweet Beans, Hero Patriot and Field of Dreams tomorrow.

The roads are slick so be careful out there.

YHC took us out thanking God for the day and the men in this group.


It was an honor to wrastle you guys this morning, hope you enjoyed it. I did.

Squid out.

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