We gathered in the parking lot and talked about the freezing rain and cold wind and closed down bridges. Both the AB bridge and the Beaufort bridge were being guarded by MHC’s finest. YHC’s watch was dead this morning, so Bayliner was designated official timekeeper. He gave me a 15 second warning prior to 0530 which prompted an abbreviated disclaimer, mission statement, and introduction. The plan today was to cover some new ground and complete at least 100 merkins. We took off towards 4th street, hung a left into a stiff breeze and crossed over 70 stopping at 4th and Fisher for a little warmarama: cotton pickers IC x 5, sungods IC x 10 forward and backward. It was noted that 20 feet away, a huge building would have provided relief from the wind. No relief given. Off again to the west to 6th street, we stopped for windmills IC x 10, left over right stretch and right over left stretch for a 10 count. Next stop was 8th for a little plank followed by 10 merkins IC, straight into mountain climbers IC x 10, back to merkins IC x 10. I heard that Steamer planted his hands in a puddle, sorry buddy. We left 8th and stopped at the big parking lot on the corner of Fisher and 10th for a little yoga, not the gentle kind. In the plank, right knee to right elbow x 3 with a 5 count, same thing with the left knee. Next, right knee to left elbow x 3 with a 5 count, then left knee to right elbow. We turned left on 10th and did a people’s chair on the church wall, each man gave a 5 count times 2. We left the church and crossed over 70 headed for the small wall on Evans St. for some dips IC x 20. Q called for box jumps but Omaha’d to step ups due to the ice on the concrete wall. 15 IC was the call followed by Derkins with feet on the wall IC x 10. Off on the mosey again down to the boat ramp parking lot for a little tight rope work. Each man put his feet on a frozen rope and did 10 derkins IC. Not sure how many actually got this done but it was a bit unsettling so we circled up for lunges IC x 20 and squats IC x 20. Off again to find the band of brothers and collect our 20 Merkins owed for copyright infringement of the preblast format. Next stop was the parking lot beside Off the hook for some SSH’s IC and Merkins IC x 10. We then completed some sprints across the empty parking lot, 6 in total. Mosey down to the benches for one more round of dips IC x 20 and derkins IC x 10. 4 minutes left for Mary, LBC IC x 10, Freddy Mercury IC x 20, LBC IC x 10, Freddy Mercury IC x 20. Hard stop at 0613.

Thanks for playing along.

Prayers for Knotty Head’s Family and the family of the WC employee who passed over the weekend.

Check slack for workout details. Pasqually on the birthday Q at the Dreadnought tomorrow.

YHC took us out in the standing COT.

Always a pleasure

Squid out

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