Thursday’s version of the Swashbuckler began as Ricardo barely made it on time. A short jog over to the mid parking lot began our warmarama with SSHs, Cheerleaders, Windmills, Cotton Pickers, Burpees and Sun Gods. Then, back to the truck were the pax picked out an ammo can and ran it over to the pull up bars. Some worried faces circled up listening for instruction; except Ron B, who of course, was talking about no one knows…

YHC had a set of stations in mind:

  1. Merkins/Planks
  2. Ammo Can Presses/Curls
  3. Pull ups/ Knee Ups
  4. People’s Chair
  5. Balls to the Wall
  6. Dips/Derkins/Erkins on the bench
  7. Run the back side around the big tree and over to where Station 1 was grinding out Merkins/Planks

Each Man did the station with no idea how long it would take to be relieved; so we went as hard as we could…

The idea was to push yourself with no breaks except the trip between stations. We did two rounds before heading over to the track for a little lower body work.

Lined up on the side line, Q called 50% effort run across the field; 50% back. Squats IC x 15

75% back across, butt kickers back, 75% again, high knees back. 30 Lunges SC OYO.

100% sprint x 4 finished off our legs and maybe we did some stretches, if we didn’t, we should have…

Ammo Cans were collected on the way back to the flag where we circled up feet in the air on our 6 holding the ammo cans.

One man was without a box, so he performed 10 LSF’s before all pax passed the cans to the right and the next man performed his flutters. Once we each got a turn and our bodies were smoked, we counted, announced and prayed.



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