• When: 12/4/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Putin
  • PAX: Navy (respect), Cheech, Putin (QIC), Purplerain, DumpsterDawg, FNG (Bumper), Griswold, Catfight, Sparkles, CouchPotato (respect), Maytag, Tony Romo, Backup, Plebe, McGregor, McMuffin, Cooter, Ennis
  • AO: Boonedocks, Cape Carteret Expansion

YHC and Navy showed up early to survey the AO and Sparkles was already on site at 0500 ready for his standard.  After a brief tour confirming that my plan to give the PAX a little sample of what I spent the last 2 months doing would work, we returned to the flag to find a huge group assembled in the cold gloom.

Countdown, introductions, mission statement and then YHC explained that we were going to use Coast Guard Boot Camp terms and exercises for the remainder of the morning.  The first change was instead of “let’s mosey”, YHC would yell, “FIRE FIRE FIRE” and the PAX were to repeat the same back as we moved from spot to spot.

FIRE FIRE FIRE and we were off towards the lowes foods parking lot for WARMORAMA.  Moving around the 4 corners of the lot using carioca, butt kickers and high knees, we completed SSH’s, Imperial Walkers, and inch worm merkins.  Sufficiently warm we moved to the Lowes hardware hill for a round of 7’s with burpees and mountain climbers.

Once finished (FIRE FIRE FIRE) we moved back across HWY 24 for an indian run towards the boondocks, around the corner and in the back entrance to the CCBC parking lot for the THANG.  YHC explained to the PAX that we would be using bricks as coupons to simulate our M-16’s.  We did a series of exercises which required the PAX to hold their “M-16’s” at shoulder height while doing squats and various other moves in cadence (FIRE FIRE FIRE) lap around the parking lot then more coupon fun (FIRE FIRE FIRE) then back to the flag for some dealer’s choice Mary.

We finished up with the naming of the FNG (Bumper) followed by prayer requests for PAX and their friends and families including Princess’s grandmother and Tony Romo’s neighbor.  Purplerain took us out.

Thank you to everyone for your support both before and after I left for boot camp.  Navy wrote to me every week and let me know that you all were thinking about me and it really helped me achieve my goals.  I will visit again while I’m on leave from the USCG Cutter Cleat in Philadelphia.

Thank you Pasqually for letting me hijack your Q and Sparkles for approving the change!

Putin, Out.

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