• When: 6/8/19
  • Workout Style: Q school
  • QIC: Navy & Griswold
  • PAX: Purple rain, frank n beans (respect respect), half-note, Brockovich, halftime, shoebox, stay puft, Alfred, Avenatti, navy (respect) QIC, Griswold QIC
  • AO: Back Blasts

The Carterican clown cars pulled up to the AO about 15 minutes before a hard start. There was no rain. At the 0700 hard start, the sprinkles started. Then… the downpour started.  The veteran pax had been in worse.  The newer guys were probably wondering what they signed up for(?).  But, all pax manned-up, including 2.0 half-note, without a complaint.  Even brockovich did what he could in his post surgical sling.    

At a 0700 hard start, the Q explained the importance of the mission statement and disclaimer at the start of all F3 workouts. We then discussed the core principles and the 3 Fs, if FNGs are present. The explanation of the typical boot camp workout with: warmarama, the thangs, Mary, and COT, was explained.  We also discussed the importance of picking up the 6, and the recommendation of wearing a watch.  As we stood in the rain, Frank n Beans reminded us that there were picnic shelters nearby.  The request was ignored, and a few typical warmarama exercises were demonstrated:  windmills and sun gods for IC, and merkins for SC.  2.0 half-note was the first of the pax to be pulled in as a “how to count” Guinea pig. He did great today!  Shoebox and other Jacksonville pax practiced counting before Navy took over to explain how to plan a workout and use a weinke.  He had prepared a weinke for shoe box, Alfred, and avenatti to use for the next 3 thangs:   The pax moseyed in the rain for a parking lot DORA: 100 merkins, 150 LBC, 200 squats, while partner 2 headed to the far telephone poll and back.  We then moseyed to the basketball court for a set of 7s with diamond merkins and doublewides.  Time was left for a string of pearls, so each of the Jacksonville pax got to practice counting as we stopped for various exercises along the way. Most counted to 10, but frank n beans decided to do 50 IC air presses to show how something so simple can be so hard.  Stay puft was pushing hard as he has been posting more consistently and shedding pounds. We finished up a mosey in the pouring rain back to the flag.  As explained by the co-Q earlier, the pax did a great job of never leaving the 6.  Mary provided a chance for more practice of counting for the pax, and they nailed it!  Avenatti has been constantly been posting each Saturday, and it shows with his cadence counting.  After that, the components of the COT were explained, and the pax counted off.  After namearama, the pax had a few announcements including the future Qs of F3 Lejeune.  We ended in prayer in a BOM, lifting up Gilligan and praying for the future of the men of Jacksonville. 

The men of F3 Lejeune did an outstanding job today braving the elements and practicing leading a workout!  T claps to halftime and the pax of Carterico as well for being dedicated enough to “give it away” in the downpour.  We are excited about what the future has in store for F3 in Jacksonville, and we will continue to pray for you. I think there is a good core group, who will eventually be the OGs of F3 Lejeune, and they will get this thing rolling!   Keep EH’ing pax, and watch it grow.  You have halftime for support, but know that Carterico is right around the corner and there for you as well.  



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