• When: 07/14/2018
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Puddles
  • PAX: Poca, Cal (FNG Hansbrough), Purple Rain, Couch Potato, KFC (Respect), Lady Bug, Focker, Dash 8 (Respect), Blart (Respect), Snow White, Cooter, Navy (Respect), Plebe, McGregor, Lunch Box, World Cup, Pill Box (Respect), Fortnight, Jay Well (inaudible), Souey (Respect), Puddles (Respect)
  • AO: Cape Carteret Expansion, Field of Dreams

Twenty one men gathered in the heat and humidity at Western Park for a Merkin beat down.  YHC was on vacation in EI all week and posted 4 times.  At each AO, I found the PAX to be friendly and welcoming and all were working hard.  During one such workout Lunch Box asked if I would Q the Field of Dreams.  I quickly agreed and I had a couple of days to scope out the park and see what sort of workout I could come up with based on the surroundings.  The Park is a large one so there would be plenty of options. YHC arrived early, did one more look around and decided the plan I had worked on would suit us all just fine.  By 5:45 there were already several cars in the parking lot and more were rolling in by the minute.  I had been told earlier that YHC could expect around 20 or so PAX. One minute warning given and we circled up for Warm-A-Rama:

5 Burpees OYO

Mtn Climbers , LSF, LBC’s 15 each I/C Left over right, right over left for a  20 count each and we were off for a quick mosey to the Park entrance stopping 3 or 4 time for a few Burpees.  YHC then had the Pax form two lines facing the parking lot for a short but fairly speedy Indian Run.  We stopped at the parallel bars and the Pax held plank until each man had traversed the bars, hand over hand.  After two rounds we circled up and picked a partner. Size did matter. We moseyed to the soccer field for some Merkin Mile fun.

The Pax was instructed to stay with their partner for the duration of the workout.  This would help the Pax keep up with the number 100 yard runs each pair had run as well as which set of Merkins they were on.  YHC pointed to a can of WD 40 (long story…bottom line is YHC’s grandson loves to play with my pylons and he failed to return them to my truck when finished).  Said can of WD 40 was approximately 100 yards away. We were to do one Merkin, run to the WD Forty, do 2 Merkins, back to the beginning for 3 Merkins, etc until we had performed 18, 100 yard runs followed by the last set of Merkins, and that set would be 18. We covered approx. 1800 yards and did 171 Merkins. Good morning shoulders!

Next up was the infamous Burpee Countdown.  We would start with 10 Burpees, run approximately 50 yards, do 9 Burpees, back to the start line for 8 Burpees, run 50 yards, 7 Burpees, etc. until we counted down to 1.  55 Burpees total. Again, staying with your partner and making sure the counts were on target.

Next up was 5-10-5. 5 squats, 10 WW1’s and 5 LBC’s I/C.  3 sets total.

Next was Partner Carries and or Wheel Barrow carries.  Partner A takes hold of Partner B’s shoes while B wheel barrow’s approx. 25 yards. Switch up and go back to starting line.  By this time YHC is hearing of all sorts of injuries amongst the PAX.  If unable to carry your partner,  lunges would suffice. After a couple of rounds of this, YHC called time.  But at that very second, it occurred to YHC that if we stopped now we would have 171 Merkins to our credit.  Not being a fan of odd numbers, YHC called to the PAX for 29 Merkins, giving us an even 200 for the day.  Satisfied, we moseyed back to the parking lot for COT.   We named our FNG Hansbrough.  Welcome!  And thanks to Poca for getting him to post.  KFC and Dash 8 had friends with medical issues and Blart gave us an update on his M.  Prayers requested for all 3 situations.

I thoroughly enjoyed leading the FOD and loved attending the other workouts as well.  It was fun to put faces to the names we read on Slack.  You guys were welcoming and helpful as YHC navigated the workouts of Cape Carteret.

Till next time, SYITG!

Puddles out.

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