• When: 10/5/2017
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Snookie
  • PAX: Purple Rain, Griswold, Beesting, Laetner, Plebe, McGregor, Pidgeon, Lunchbox, Cocoa, Chainlink, Snookie Q
  • AO: Back Blasts

I pull into the parking lot this morning to see Laetner’s vehicle, but no Laetner, and another vehicle with 2 people milling around it. I knew Laetner was on the track and I wondered if the other 2 were FNG’s. Well turned out they weren’t FNG’s but 2 kids form Havelock that Pedro sent our way!!! I say kids because anyone under 25 looks like a kid to me! The rest of the Pax rolled in and I was pleased to see more than 8 like last Q I had. Welcome amd mission statement given and we were of to the warmup.

Bypassed traditional warmup and went with a Whiteboots warmup. Tub Thumping by Chumbawamba was the choice. Jog in place and when the lyric “I get knocked down” played a down and up. 3:30 minute song with 28 down and ups and the mumble chatter started before the song ended.  Corny song or not, all of our heart rates were up!! Your welcome!

The Thang

lined up at the parking spaces we would lunge to the first line and do 1 Merkin than back pedal to the start. Lunge to 2nd line, 2 Merkins and back pedal. So on for the 15 parking lines there are. Total of 120 Merkins

Next set of parking spaces we would run to first line and squat then back pedal to start. Run to 2nd line 2 squats and back pedal and so on for another 15 spaces. Again 120 for squats. This is were we were going to Burpee Dans back to the field but time was running short and there were some other things I wanted to get in so we moseyed back to practice field. Split into partners. Pax 1 would do a set of excercise while Pax 2 would seal crawl to a cone (about 25 yards) then sprint to the band tower and either do 10 leg ups hanging from the first deck or 20 Merkins thier choice then return to partner and swap for the excercise. Apparently Seal Crawls are not top on  everyone’s list of excersises, I saw a lot of bear crawling but no seals! 1st excercise was LBCs, then Butterfly sit ups, then WWI, then X’s and O’s for a ten count each position, all AMRAP.

With just a few minutes left, we ran over the school gym wall and it was BTTW time. Each pax got into position and 1 by 1 would either do 5 push ups or a 10 count, pax choice. I think Laetner forgot how to count because there was a significant pause between his numbers. A 10 count turned into a 60 count! As the countdown went on more and more Pax were dropping including myself. Muscle failure from BTTW is not fun!

quick mosey back to the flag and a hard stop.

Annoucements: Sparkle’s 2.0 arrived around 4am this morning!!! Huge congrats to him and his M on their new gift from God!! Mother and baby are doing great!!!

3rd F starting in the western part of the county next Thursday at 6pm at the Cape Carteret Presbyterian Church.

Laetner took us out on prayer.

It was rewarding this morning to see how far I personally have come with F3. There was a similar workout back when I started F3 and I was spent before I got to the 10 parking space 10 minutes in.  Today we all went through the workout in strong fashion and I am pretty sure we all could’ve kept going a little more!! It is truly rewarding and a great honor to lead you men!!

Thank you!!!


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