• When: 02/06/2019
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Dancehall
  • PAX: Ron Burgandy(RESPECT), Blart(RESPECT), Pedro(RESPECT), Butterscotch, Reef Donkey, Cheech, Navy(RESPECT), Sponge Bob, Jack Rabbit
  • AO: Morehead City, Tinkerbells

When Ron Burgandy calls you up to the lead the big leagues for a workout, you best show up! So, I showed up, what next?! I have always preferred to have an outline as opposed to a plan. Plans are meant to be ruined. The only time a plan has worked out exactly how I wanted it to was when I had a contingency for the plan to fail. With that being said, I think I gave the men a pretty sound workout even if I didn’t have all the words right.

We all gathered with the HIN crowd and Aflac and I decided we would warm up together. With a hard start called and the disclaimer read, we moseyed to an adjacent parking area for the warm up…


  • SSH x15
  • Cotton Pickers x10
  • Abe Vagoda’s x10
  • Sun Gods
  • Monkey Humpers

Mosey back to the rally point for:

The Thang

Part 1

  • R/L arm curl x 10
  • R/L shoulder press x10
  • Upright row x 10
  • R/L single arm bent over row x 10
  • Goblet squat x 10
  • Mosey around the parking lot
  • Rinse and repeat x 3!

Part 2

Mosey to the rear of the civic center for

  • Peoples chair 10 count each man
  • Balls to the walls(ish) 5 count each

Part 3

Mosey back to rally point for partner exercise:

  • Partner A holds a plank while;
  • Partner B bear crawls with a bell to a predetermined location, once getting to that point, returns to the start point doing Lt Dans.
  • Partners switch for 3 rounds

Mosey around the PVA for one final round of all kb exercises for a 10 count.


WW1(Yes, I called them WW2’s because it doesn’t make sense anyways)

American Hammer

Box cutter

Hello Dolly

Hard Stop. Announcements, were given and Shroom took us out in prayer.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead and especially thanks for the Mumblechatter. I seriously love listening to the shit talking in the morning. Y’all could teach a master class.


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