• When: 08/28/19
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Holiday Mansion
  • PAX: RonBurgundy,Rooney,Newman,Doogie,ReefDonkey,Wolverine,Plunger,HD,Kilmer,Peyronie,PastorClevor,Shroom,MonkeyWrench
  • AO: Back Blasts, Hole in None, Morehead City

What a great day to F3. YHC arrived to find Ronnie B and Wilson hard at work on their phones, no doubt emailing instructions to those with whom they work. As the PAX grew, chatter as to who HC’d and why ensued. With 2 minute and 1 minute warnings given, we were off to a short mosey where we would warm up as a group with the bell swingers. Suitcase and YHC alternated calling out the warm ups to include: SSH, cotton pickers, windmills, Willy Mayes Hayes, Irish potato pickers, leg stretches, and maybe more. Once warm we moseyed across the road and down hole 5 back to mid fairway for the first round.

Round 1 would be 11’s with merkins and squats being performed in ascending and descending counts. Run forward to one side of fairway and back pedal back across to the start. Once we completed the counts up and down we moseyed back past number 5 tee and back around to number 6 fairway.

Round 2: Partner up. Partner’s alternate running across fairway and backpedal to start while partner performs LBC’s until the combined total is 100. Run about 100 yards back toward tee and stop for round 3.

Round 3. Back pedal up the fairway and run back to partner who is doing merkins. Swap back and forth until 100 merkins completed. Mosey toward tee box for Round 4.

Round 4: Run across fairway and back to partner who is doing Burpees. Switch places back and forth until 30 Burpees done. Mosey to golf cart turn around at driving range for Round 5.

Round 5. Partner runs down the sidewalk to putting green and back while other partner does LSF IC. Stop when 50 total done. Mosey to clubhouse patio for dips x 20 SC called by Monkey. More dips x 40 SC by Plunger. Mosey to the flag for Mary:

Mary: American hammer x 25 IC by YHC and dying cockroach x 10 IC by Suitcase. Hard stop.

Prayers for John Jenkins and Jonah (Tinactin 2.0), and Bunion wife Rachel. Wolverine took us out in a lovely prayer to the soft hum of the hurricane tractor blower breathing down our neck. As always, I get better by being pushed by the PAX, and you guys pushed me well today.

SYITG Holiday Mansion

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