• When: 02/26/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Dancehall
  • PAX: Crowbar, Spinal Tap, Doublemint, Devlin McGregor, Immigrant, Sniffer (RESPECT), Mahindra, Laettner, WiFi (RESPECT), Ron Burgandy (RESPECT), Bambard, Gertrude (RESPECT), MyTSharp, Duckbutter, Floppy Disc, Pocahontas,
  • AO: Band of Brothers, Morehead City

“This story shall the good man teach his son,

and Crispin Crispian shall ne’er go by, 

From this day to the ending of the world, 

But we in it shall be remembered, 

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers, 

For he today that sheds his blood with me

Shall be my brother.” Henry V

The mumblechatter is still rolling through my brain as I prepare this backblast. It’s like an annoying groin itch that just won’t go away, but still somehow reminds you that you are a man and carry with you a set of balls. There is no real way of explaining what it is we do to people outside of our F3 world. It is something that you have to experience. I have heard about as much junk talked here as a kitchen table at the fire house. If you were an outsider looking in, you may think that we hate each other. The fact remains, the harder, more descriptive junk talked, the more you are part of the crew.

YHC arrived to the Q site a little later than i had planned. Pulling in, I was slightly worried that it may not be as many as previously HC’d. None the less, the men started showing in singles, and clown cars, leading me to believe, I may have bit off more than I could chew. Being the sadist that I am, I welcomed the challenge.

5-4-3-2-1 minute warnings were given. A near flawless mission statement announced as well as the disclaimer and off for a quick mosey around the block then…


  • Sungods, IC;  fwd 10 count, hold it for some Cherry picking with Duck Butter, then reverse for a 10 count
  • Cotton pickers IC 12 count
  • Imperial Walkers IC 10ish
  • Abe Vigodas

Back to the Cutting Board for …

The Thang (spoken in your best James Brown voice)

  • Rh/LH bicep band curls
  • RH/LH shoulder press
  • RH/LH Bent over row
  • Air squats with a pause at the bottom

I feel like we did 25ish each set, but I really couldn’t hear much over the chatter, so we did them till I felt a burn.


With a partner starting at one end of the street;

100 Merkins total, one partner Does Lt Dan’s to the first street light, runs to the next one and back, then Lt Dan’s to switch out with partner

200 LBC’s total, same as previously stated.

300 squats total. Here is where the OMAHA came in handy: partner runs to second light pole and back to switch out.

YHC didn’t have a partner, so I embraced the suck and didn’t change numbers up. Thanks to all who picked up my 6 and helped me out.

After that fun round of Dora, we moved to the cement pond and completed 25 Erkins together.

Mall walk back to the cutting board for more band work.

  • RH/LH bicep curls
  • RH/LH shoulder press
  • RH/LH bent over rows

Mosey the block

  • RH/LH bicep curl
  • RH/LH shoulder press
  • RH/LH bent over rows


  • LBC’s on Doublemint’s count
  • X’s and O’s on Spinal Tap’s count
  • American Hammers on Immigrant’s count
  • Box cutters on Ron Burgundy’s count


Count off to make sure we didn’t lose anyone.

Announcements were made and the following days Q’s discussed

Prayers for Doublemint and especially his daughter Aubrey. They’re back to Chapel Hill for more testing.

Laettner took us out in prayer.

Days like today make you proud to be a man. Wake up before the sun. Get a good sweat on with fellow brothers. Finish up feeling high from adrenaline and testosterone ready to attack the rest of the day. The only thing even close to as good as this is the cup(or 3) of post workout coffee. We live in a society where many would have us think that it’s not ok to be manly or do manly things. Scholars are trying to have the word man removed from everything. Everything MALE seems under attack. I’ll admit that a lot of stupid stuff has been done in the name of being dudes, but by far so much greater has been accomplished by MEN.

Don’t be afraid to be a man, hard when you need to be and delicate when it’s required. Look out for each other. Pick up others when they are down. Love your families and love yourselves.



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