• When: 05/10/19
  • Workout Style: Ruck
  • QIC: Wilson
  • PAX: RonBurgundy(Respect), MonkeyWrench(Respect), Dash8(Respect), Pasqually
  • AO: Back Blasts, Rucky Duck

It was a beautiful morning and I was very much looking forward to today’s Ruck having missed way to many workouts the last three weeks. I knew RonBurgundy was joining me this morning but wasn’t sure about anybody else. As the PAX started to show for the Stampede, Dash8 showed up with his chauffeur, Navy(Navy was doing the Stampede). MonkeyWrench showed up with his Ruck and that looked like that was it.

At 5:30 the gazelles took of toward the East and so did we, the plan was to head to the bridge and turn around. About halfway to the bridge we picked up Pasqually headed back to the college and he turned around to join in on the Ruck. Moving at a decent pace we made the turn around point on schedule and headed back.

As we approached the visitors center the Q’s stomach started to grumble a little, no big deal we were headed back, about Marine Fisheries it started getting worse and as all the Stampeder’s and the Ruckers were starting to gather for announcements and the COT, it was becoming quite apparent that Elvis was well on his way and I had to head out NOW so that Elvis could make a proper appearance.

I hated missing nameorama, announcements and the COT but it was a beautiful morning and my honor to Q this morning.

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