• When: 04-16-19
  • Workout Style: BOOT CAMP
  • PAX: Blue Cross, Lemon Jello, Peroni, Poca and Wilson
  • AO: Back Blasts

6 men showed up at the Anchor B ready to work and ready to complain about the cold. YHC set the flag and changed into a long sleeves as Wilson emerged in shorts and a t-shirt but quickly went with his traditional hoodie. YHC killed some time telling the group how much F3 meant to him and about his mom and toilet paper. 1 minute was given. 3F’s, Mission statement and disclaimer given.


Mosey halfway around the parking lot for SSH’s x 20, Sun Gods x 10 each way and Windmills x 10, which Poca thought were too slow and called them Abe Vigodas. At my age they are windmills. Mosey to the other end other parking lot by the stadium entrance for Cotton Pickers x 15, Imperial Walkers x 10 and some stretching Left over right, right over left, downward dog to stretch the calf muscles. Mosey to the lower parking lot to get out of the wind.


Circle up for Hand Release Merkins x 15, SSH’s IC x 15 and Copperhead Squats x 15, Rinse and Repeat, Rinse and Repeat. Palate Cleanser around the upper parking lot. YHC apparently stumped Peroni with a math question by asking him for a 10 count. He got to one and the PAX picked him up from there everyone taking a number. Don’t worry your children are safe. He is an administration and doesn’t teach math.

Next round Merkins x 15, Bobby Hurley x 15 and Box Cutters x 15. It was somewhere in the mix that the Wilson had a flashback of sitting in Peroni’s class and learned that 11 is after 9. YHC was happy that someone was counting. YHC had to count in his mind from that point on because every other number that was called out was 11. We should have done some of those. Rinse and Repeat, Rinse and Repeat. PAX was giving YHC crap about the variety. I had to pull the Respect card and explain that it is the only way I can remember tuff for the BB. Palate Cleanser around the upper parking lot.

Round three Sun Gods x 10 forward IC, Picking Cherries and putting them in the basket various lengths (3 rounds). I would like to thank Lassie for the introduction of Picking Cherries. It is very simple but can get to you quickly. Sun Gods x 10 reverse IC. Next PAX would run from one curb to the other across the parking lot touching each curb until they hit ten. Finally something that Poca is good at. Once again Peroni had trouble with his numbers not knowing how to follow directions or was excited he could count to 12. Wait for it…you got it. Rinse and Repeat, Rinse and Repeat. Slow mosey around the lower parking lot up to the flag.


LBC’S X 15, WW1’S X 15 and finish off with some protractor and a 30 count at the six position.


Prayers for baby Josiah Bell, Creflo and Holiday heading back from Cuba and I am sure there are many others that we hold close to our hearts. YHC took us out in prayer.

The weather is getting perfect and it is time to give those excuses up. I don’t want to hear it’s too cold anymore. You need to get your butt out there. I don’t care if Duck Butter doesn’t show up. We all should be leaning on one or two PAX to get back out, like Blue Cross. I told the PAX this morning that having that 45 minutes of time together is therapeutic. I don’t think about life’s problems or the stress I might have at work. It is a real pleasure to have some mumble chatter to take your mind off things. Thank you men for showing this morning for physical therapy..get it.

YHC-Ron Burgundy

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