YHC has been EH’ing his pastor for over a year now. Just like all of us, excuses existed in full force, some of which were legit, many of which were not. Ready to get his youth pastor off of his back (little does he know, that it’s just beginning!) an HC was given in person, AND on Facebook Live during a Sunday service at Glad Tidings Church, with Lunchbox and Plebe as witnesses. The Clown Car arrived to pick up the FNG around 4:55 to head to the Java Post to meet up with the PAX and get our Ruck on.

The teachers of Carteret County were observed loading a charter bus to head to Raleigh to stand up for the rights they feel like are being neglected. T-Claps to them, as well as all of our educators. Regardless of whether they felt like the march was the right thing to do or not, they are all pretty incredible people, pouring into young people’s lives. Thank you guys.

Time for the Hard Start, 10 PAX total gathered and were welcomed and instructed that today would be a ruck over the EI bridge, a little slower than normal, to not bring but so much wear and tear to our FNG’s knees, and to give plenty of time and air for that second F. The Shovel Flag was brought along and carried in the front, as well as a 25 # kettle bell. The PAX would pass these off along the way.

Rucks are one of YHC’s favorite things to do, especially for the time spent getting to know other men. Out of all the guys, Buttoncap has been the one who I have probably rucked with the most, and become muchh better because of it. A few guys weren’t wearing sacks today, but they still grew by posting. UPS slid down 24 to support his Pastor, as did Plebe and even Lunchbox’s 2.0, Juicebox. Cooter is still on the mend from some jacked up mess in his calves and the hope is for that mess to get right quick. T-claps for posting man, along with Navy, who has quickly emerged as a leader of men (and a Slack guru / meme producer).

Today’s workout was really all about the FNG. The pace was made and adjusted for him, and many of the PAX posted to support him. Isn’t that one of the incredible reasons why F3 exists? It’s not about you. When we learn that, it’s amazing how much better we get, physically and as leaders. Make someone else better, and you will be better for it. Every single time.

Slipping back across Hwy. 24 and making it to the Java Post right at 6:15, the PAX counted off and names were recorded. Around 3.2 miles were covered. The FNG shared a little about himself, and due to information shared, a deviation was made on the planned nickname. Barn Door, we welcome you sir, and hope to do what we can to make you better, while you will do the same for so many yourself. That’s why we exist.

UPS took us out in the Circle of Trust and after some chatting with Lunchbox, it was time to head out for the day. Thanks Buttoncap for letting me lead again. I’ve HC’s a couple of times the last few weeks and had middle of the night emergencies with church members that have caused me to fail at following through on my promise. I hate doing that. Today was a great day. Beautiful views, HIM’s and so many other blessings.

Stop giving excuses. Beat the fartsack. You’ll like yourself a lot more when you do.


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