• When: 05/13/2020
  • Workout Style: Kettlebells
  • QIC: Blart
  • PAX: McSketti, CouchPotato, Weinstein, Honey Wagon, Navy, PurpleRain, Cyclops, Ponch, Cooter, Cheech, Linus, Dash8
  • AO: Back Blasts

Being the Weasel Shaker I get involved with the weekly Q sheet sign ups and noticed an empty spot for my buddy Ponchs’ AO the Prometheus Kettlebell workout.  So, YHC grabbed it and ran with it.  Feeling the pressure of providing a special workout and effective beatdown for the Western boys always makes me plan ahead and deliver.  Sure hope I did that this morning.  The usual pax were there and a couple of surprises.  Even the leader of the West, PurpleRain showed having given a SC the night before but, hearing Eeyores’ story he decided to show.  There is a method to the Eeyore thing and it usually brings in the pax.  With 12 HIM’s showing YHC had to bring it and wow, the mumblechatter was crazy thick in the Gloom.

3,2,1 minute warnings and into the circle for warmup with a loose translation of the circle starting out the mumble.  The pax performed Cotton pickers (not cherry pickers, whoops) Cooperhead Squats, Wind Mills, Sun Gods, Sling Shots, and to finish off the warmup was the difficult Single Leg one arm deadlifts.


Pax will perform  Left and Right arm Bent over Single arm Row, Overhead Single arm Press, Single arm Curls  5,10,15 reps

Partner up –  Pax #1 will perform the Trinity (Dips, Erkins, Derkins) 10 reps each and repeat until Pax #2 returns from carrying a block to the first cone perform 10SC Squats run to next cone and perform 10 Lunges each leg and run back to start Flip flop for 2 rounds.

Pallet cleanser around the building.  Take the bands (wow really knuckleheads) trying to keep the Pax in good form stand back to back band around partner and perform chest press 10 SC and Flys 10 SC.

Back to the block carry – Pax#1 Squats 10 SC at first cone run to next cone and use block for 10IC Toe taps back to start   Pax#2 would perform Alternating One arm curb Merkins 5 each side and repeat until Pax#1 returns then flip flop for 2 rounds

Pallet cleanser around the building with Honey Wagon pushing hard and sprinting the whole way.  Nice work.  Mumblechatter was thick so YHC had the Pax grab a block and run to the first cone.  Drop the block and perform Burpees, didn’t quell the mumble so YHC had the Pax grab the blcok and run all the way down and around the median holding said block.  Helped a little but still enjoying the mumble, the pax circled up and performed American hammer with transferring the block side to side. Next for Mary was LSF (done as it should be, low and slow) right into box cutters IC, LBC’s IC and recover.  Grab your block drop them off at Ponch’s truck (thanks for the blocks brother) mosey back to the starting point and circle up.   Each pax gave their birth name, age, F3 name and then one thing they were thankful for at that moment.   Consensus was that each pax enjoys their time within the group and gave thanks for what has been provided to them.  Special shout out to Banana and whatever it is he is fighting health wise.  Praying for a good diagnosis for the Mahnke family and quick recovery.   Announcements made  – 2nd F event this Thursday evening (check with CouchPotato)     PurpleRain took the pax out in the COT with a glorious prayer making sure he spoke upon all prayer requests and the healing touch thru prayer.  Well done PAX

As always these HIM draw me back into the mix and keep pushing me to where I never thought I could get back to.  To that I am in your debt……..  Thank you, each and every one of you in your own special way.

Blart out

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