• When: 03/14/18
  • Workout Style: Ruck
  • QIC: Maytag
  • PAX: Navy (Respect), Tony Romo, LadyBug, Buttoncap
  • AO: Back Blasts

What better way to start a Wednesday than a leisurely walk on the beach in the gloom.  I had a plan of getting 4 miles in this morning with ½ on the pavement and ½ in the sand.  We all rolled in about the same time and gathered our gear as we tried to shake off the chill and prepare for the what was ahead of us.  Buttoncap was the last to get out of the warm confines of his truck as a Lynard Skynard song blasted in the background.

I peeled off a flawless mission statement and told the guys the plan of getting 4 miles on this ruck and we were off but not before Buoy pissed on Buttoncap’s truck.

We got to Wings after a pretty good pace and did a few SSH’s (30 IC) and some L/R and R/L.  Purple rain says we aren’t supposed to stretch during a workout but I couldn’t hear him while he was laying in his warm fart sack at home…so we proceeded.  Went straight into some squats (20 IC) with packs on.

We were off again and stopped after about a mile in to do some more exercises. Tony Romo spotted some cops and got nervous.  I thought he must have a warrant but he was still a little gun shy from our shakedown experience yesterday at the boondocks.

SSH (20) IC

Squats (20) IC

Overhead Pack Press (20) IC  At this point I noticed Ladybug was struggling with his pack.  He packed 40 lbs. for the trip….all weights and not one snickers bar.  Nice work Ladybug.

We got in a little jog to Ocean Drive to stretch out our legs before hitting the beach.  We hit the beach and took in a little over a mile of sand.  It was nice and fluffy today.  Halfway in we jogged to the pier.  Navy took off like David Hasslehoff…nice run man.

We headed to the cars but we only had about 3.5 in and had about 6 minutes to spare.  We headed to the stop light on 58 to round out the 4 miles and got back to the cars in time for a hard stop.

We did nameorama, announcements and prayer requests.

Laettner has his 1 year F3 anniversary at The Rolling Stone tomorrow.

Prayers to Navy’s family, Griswold’s family and those that couldn’t join us today.

Tony Romo took us out in a great prayer.

It was great to get in a little of all 3 F’s today.

I enjoyed it boys.  Thanks for letting me lead today Buttoncap.

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