What an awesome day for a voluntold Q for ole Au Jus.  A little windy but not too bad as a we departed Sanitary after a spot on intro.  Starting by the former Big Rock Landing we warmed up with some high knees, karoke, and skips.  From there started the running of a combination of a carefully planned number of city blocks followed with exercises at the intersections.

one block – SSH’s

two blocks – Merkins

three blocks – LBC’s

four blocks – Cooperhead Squats

At this point we heard loud sirens and I learned that Duck apparently has a high sensitivity to sirens and he disappeared.  One can only assume that he spent the next 30 minutes in the crawl space of his Aunt’s house.

one block – Hill Billies

two blocks – Wide grip merkins

three blocks – LSF’s

one block – Imperial Walkers

two blocks – Yoga

three blocks – windmills

one block – cotton pickers

four blocks – dips, irkins, dirkins

Duck re-appeared at this time

three blocks – hard stop

Great push this morning guys – I enjoyed it.  Thanks Duck for taking us out in prayer and being the inspiration for my backblast!



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