• When: 10/15/19
  • Workout Style: Dreadnought
  • QIC: Bayliner
  • PAX: Rameses, Deebo, Madoff, Steamer, The Second Mile, Newman, Shroom, Pastor C, Kiwi, Pasqually, Misty, Au Jus, Tan Lines, Lassie, Jang a Lang, Bayliner
  • AO: Back Blasts

It has been awhile since I have Q’d, and until yesterday afternoon, I did not plan on Qing today.  The dreadnought is a tough workout to plan for due to the level of fitness of those gentleman that frequent the Tuesday event weekly.

Ram and I rolled into the parking lot at West and were greeted by an all star cast of men.  Everyone was ready to get started, so we did, and moseyed to the front of the school for warmarama-

SSH, CP’s, Windmills, Sun Gods, Willie Mays Hayes, Plank Stretching, and closed with L over R and R over L.

We moseyed to the track and split into to teams.  Team 1 stayed on the track and did 100M sprints with LBC 10 ct at the end of each 100M.  While they completed the lap around the track, team 2 ran a lap around the school.  Once completed, both teams switched and did the other exercise.  Next we did the same routine and substituted 10 merkins for the LBC’s. The next thing we did was each group Lt Dan the the end zones and we did 100M sprints and LBC’s for 2 laps around the track, followed by one lap of Merkins.  We moseyed to the flag without any time for Mary.

It was a great morning and I really appreciate the turnout and effort of everyone that came today.  Everyone worked hard and everyone worked together as a group.  Tuesday workouts are never easy, but the group always encourages everyone to work hard and get through it.  Once we arrived back at the flag, we had a lot of discussion, but not really any announcements of great importance.  It was with great Leadership and spirit that Kiwi jumped into the middle of the PAX and immediately kneeled to begin to pray- as he did, the PAX discussion halted abruptly and we all joined in for a great message and prayer from Kiwi- Thanks Kiwi for stepping up and doing what you do-  Thanks to everyone that came out this morning in honor of Gert in BHI.


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