With a double dip on Q’s(not  our Dipper) today, the QAR lost out to the dreaded Dreadnought with  Frosted Flake so the site Q stepped in and took the wheel at the QAR.  When YHC arrived to set out a few cones, Monkey was pushing hard on the standard-way to go Monkey!  Five were ready when hard start arrived and we were off to Warm up.


Side Straddle Hops 20 IC

Windmills x 15

About this time a shadow appeared in the dusk and Second Mile was ready to go.

Cotton Pickers x 15

Sun gods 10 forward and reverse

Left over right/right over left stretch

Downward Dog stretch

and three Burpees for the arrival of the Second Mile

Now 6 strong, we are off to get it on.

The Thang

Jang always mentions look at all that beautiful grass so today I tried to take advantage of it.  Hope the Dreadnought guys enjoyed the pavement today.  I’ve been waiting to do this exercise, it is one we did at the last Goruck Tough and now is my chance.  The pax lined up arm in arm and as a group, we did lunges with your knee touching the ground down to the first cone and back while staying arm in arm.  This is a great way to work as a team and trust me, will burn those leg muscles.

Next we had four cones spaced down the soccer field.  We had four rounds of exercises, run to the first cone 20 count, back to the line, go to the second cone-15 count, back to the line, go to the third cone 10 count, back to the line, go to the fourth cone 5 count, back to the line.

Round 1 Wojo Squats

Round 2 Merkins

Round 3 LBC

Round 4 Side Straddle hops

From here we go to the outfield fence and do a 10 count per pax of peoples chair, three burpees then a lap around the parking lot.  Next round 5 count balls to the wall, 3 burpees and moseyed to the picnic shelter.

At the shelter, we did a round of 10 single count dips, erkins, derkins, and box jumps, lap around the tree of life, round of 15, lap, and a very hard round of 20.

We slow moseyed back to the field for a sprint to the far side line and back, sprint to the middle of the field and back.  With a few minutes to spare and everyone soaked with sweat, we moseyed to the flag for a round of Mary where each PAX led an exercise.  According to Monkey, we ended up about 2.25 miles today, great job men!

Announcements/Prayer request: HIN tomorrow, Crystal Coast Boat Show and Beaufort Music Festival this weekend, 4th Annual Playing through for Epilepsy Golf Classic Friday-I think tickets may still be available-check with Aflac.  YHC took us out in a standing ball of man.  It is always a pleasure to lead at F3.  If you haven’t Q’d an event, the more you do, the easier it gets,  Step outside your comfort zone and do it!  Tuesdays are a busy day for F3 Carterico and there is a workout for everyone.  If you want to be in a small group, butt kicking workout, give the QAR a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Until next time-Suitcase



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