YHC has been a little busy for the past 2 weeks meeting a new 3.0, taking a 2.0 back up North, and visiting the in-laws.  Needless to say, the amount of first F is completed during that time is inversely proportional to the increase in my waist size.  Consequently, YHC planned a low mosey/high OYO workout to ease back in.  Unfortunately, as Robert Burns said, “…the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

Things started off well with a rolling WARMARAMA which included:

  • Toy Soldiers
  • Moroccan Night Clubs IC x 10
  • But kickers
  • Michael Phelps IC x 10
  • High Knees
  • Skier Jacks IC x 10
  • Caroca  left and right
  • Down Dog/pedal pushers/Cobra/Runner’s Stretch
  • Rocky Balboa’s IC x 10

The PAX then split up into groups of three for THANG 1 which YHC dubbed the double ended dora.  The plan, on paper, was for this to take up the majority of the time so that YHC could mask his heavy breathing and lack of conditioning.  Unfortunately, it was not the “time eater” YHC expected.  Each group of three started with one pax at each end of the parking lot.  The third partner would run the length of the lot and “tag” that partner who would then run to the other end “tag”, rinse repeat.  Pax were instructed to complete the following:

  • 50 SC mericans at each end (100 total)
  • 100 SC LBC’s at each end (200 total)
  • 150 SC squats at each end (300 total)

Given the high required rep count, YHC expected to eat up 25 minutes with THANG 1.  In reality it took about 8 minutes.  Nice plan Navy.  Having a perspicacious understanding of the Exicon, YHC folded into the extemporaneous portion of today’s workout which included:

  • 7’s up the Lowe’s Hardware Hill (Monkey humpers at the bottom, backpedal to the top for star jumps) 
  • Rack and Stack in the Lowe’s Food Parking lot using all the parking rows (LBC’s & Groiners)

We then headed back to the Flag for PAX choice Mary which included:

  • X Files IC x 10 (YHC)
  • LSF IC x 15 (Princess)
  • Mericans IC x 10 (Ponch)
  • Superman’s IC to a hard stop (Couch Potato) 

Announcements – 3rd F led by Frank N Beans at Java Post, various Dorian prep tips from the Pax, let us know if anyone needs help getting prepped.  Praise – Ponch six days in a row! Putin good report from the docs.  Prayers – Ponch’s friend, everyone who has/will be affected by the hurricane.  Griswold took us out in prayer.

Thanks for bearing with YHC this morning gents and thanks for the reminder and the keys Cheech.  Pleasure and an honor to lead as always!


Navy, Out.

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