• When: 01/22/2018
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Griswold
  • PAX: White boots, Blart (respect), monkeywrench (respect), Ron Burgundy (respect), Ricardo, Jigawatt, Newman, Jack Rabbit, Griswold (QIC)
  • AO: Ft. Benjamin Park, Knarr

Returning from a little reconnaissance run around Fort Benjamin,YHC was pleased with the turnout at the knarr this morning, as nine men stood in the gloom. Knowing that shoulders are YHC’s weak spot, the challenge was on for that to be the focus of today’s workout. A hard start at 5:30 began with a warm-up lap around the parking lot. We circled up for WarmaRama:
Side straddle hop X 20 IC
sun gods X 10 each direction IC
Imperial Walker X 20 IC
Wind Mills X 10 IC
Active hamstring stretch X3 each leg.
Next, each member of the pax picked up a coupon to run around 4 stations in the shape of the baseball diamond. The coupons were mixed bag of dumbbells, kettle bells, and a medicine ball, anywhere from 15 to 25 pounds. Jack rabbit saved the day with a couple of extra kettlebells, because the Q came up short, underestimating the pax today! With the coupon in hand, run to each station for:
station 1 = 15 goblet squats
station 2 = 15 overhead press
station 3 = 15 plank walk overs
station 4 = 15 alternating lunges.
Ron Burgundy proved himself to have a special talent of handling wet slippery balls on this one. 👀😂.  Time to switch up coupons, rinse and repeat.
Mosey to the playground and partner up. Partner 1 finds a spot on the jungle gym to either do pull ups or hold a bent arm hang. Partner 2 bear crawls from one end of the playground to the other before partner 1 can come off the bars. Switch partners and repeat. Then rinse and repeat for each partner.
We then moseyed to the first tennis court and ran some snake laps (follow the leader) with Forward and side steps. Followed by donkey kicks on the fence X 10. Then we partnered up for wheel barrel around the tennis court serve box, all facing the same direction. The sideways and backwards wheelbarrow always add in an extra shoulder burn, as @puddles and YHC found out up at South Wake F3. Switch partners, and repeat. Back to the fence or donkey kicks X 10. Next, lineup on the sideline for Merkin suicide. Run forward to each line across 2 courts, backpedal to the start, 10 Merkens, and repeat on all seven white lines for a total of 70 Merkens. Back on the fence or donkey kicks X 10.
With our shoulders shot at this point, we mosey to the picnic tables or more shoulder work. We started with six or seven laps of up and overs on the picnic tables. Ron Burgundy proved to be a speed-queen on this one, where He actually lapped YHC. Next, it was time for Merkens, Urkins, and Durkins, with no rest breaks. We started with 15 of each, then 10, then five. We had just enough time to stop at the rec building for monkey wrench to show off with a one handed balls to the wall while the rest of us stuck with both arms. We had enough time holding balls to the wall for a little second F. We found out that someone ate barbecue chicken last night, blart couldn’t quickly remember what he ate yesterday, and monkey wrenche’s favorite part of F3 is “the hard stop”. We then mosey back to the flags for about four minutes of Mary. After some debate on what it’s really called, we did 10 Carolina/Catalina wine mixer‘s IC, 10 J Lo‘s IC, and finished up with 10 Freddy Mercury’s IC.
The pax pushed hard today and the weather was great. For the first time in weeks YHC saw layers being shed  during the work out.        It was another glorious day in Carterico with my F3 brothers!   It was awesome to see whiteboots out there, Ricardo getting healthy, and some newer faces.
Thanks Bart, or should I say Misty, for letting me lead knarr this morning. These men continue to motivate me on a daily basis.   Griswold.

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