• When: 02/21/2018
  • Workout Style: KETTLE BELLS
  • PAX: Wilson, Denver, Pocohontas, Doublemint, Birdman
  • AO: Back Blasts

5 men decided to make themselves better and joined YHC at Carteret County’s advanced learning center, aka Carteret Community College. YHC spotted Doublemint first and was wondering how long he would keep his sweatshirt hoodie on? I know it’s February but it is like 70 degrees brother. Wilson was close behind as we chatted about his steady posting. We discussed the lack of participation at the bands over the last several weeks and discussed what has happened to the strong core group. Maybe others could give us themselves and join us for a Monday. YHC said he would be there. Poca HC’d and was true to his word, followed by Denver and a rare sighting from the Birdman at the bells. You would have better luck sighting a Black-breasted Puffleg than seeing a real Birdman but we were glad to have him.  The countdown started 5,3,1 statements and disclaimers given.


Mosey up the hill to the next building. Pocahontas was quick to ask about needing a head lamp. YHC told him this isn’t the Stampede and we would stay in the main drag where it is well lit. Circle up for SSH x 20, Sun Gods F&R x 10, Windmills x 15. Mosey to the back side of the library building. YHC remembered Doublemint’s request from earlier, that he doesn’t come unless we do Cotton Pickers. Cotton Pickers x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15 and Good Mornings x 15. Mosey by the water back to the flag.


Curl x 15 each arm, Goblet Squat x 15, and Shoulder Press x 15 each arm- 3 rounds

Palate cleanser around the parking lot and then gather by the curb for 5 burpees OYO. PAX would then bear crawl from one curb to the next and crab walk back.

Kettle Bell Row x 15, Halo x 15 and Merkin Row x 10 right arm. Palate cleanser around the parking lot and come back to finish with the left.

I believe it was this point that Doublemint lost the hoodie and declared if it got any warmer he would get down to the bare skin. YHC noted same and decided we were not ready for that yet, maybe in April. The PAX also discussed some Carteret county legends of the past, from Newport none the less. I believe some research might need to be done but don’t do it at work. You never know what you will learn on today’s college campus.

Quick palate cleanser and 5 burpees, bear crawl and crab walk. OYO

Mosey to the wall in front of the civic center for people’s chair and a 10 count from each. YHC can’t decide who counts slower Laettner or Double. Who knows.

A quick jump over to the building next door for Earkins x 10 IC, Step Ups x 10 IC and Dips x 10 IC               3 rounds and back to the wall for one more round of people’s chair.


American Hammer x 20

Low Slow Flutter x 20 led by Double

Box Cutters x 20 led by Birdman

Protractor led by YHC finished us out.


It is always an honor and a pleasure to lead men of F3. I believe Bells has the most beautiful AO. It’s great when you can look out on the water during a workout and recognize God’s creation, priceless. It was good to see Doublemint as he gets back into the groove after a bout with a nasty virus. Poca always adds a certain amount of levity to any workout. Denver seems to be getting more comfortable every day. It seems Wilson has been bitten by the running bug as he let us know how far they ran Monday. I hope I didn’t hold you back . Birdman figured out he needs to be a little more regular during mary. He is always welcome.


Prayers today for Birdman’s dad who may not be long for this world and Doublemint’s daughter whose illness seems to be recurring. It is tough being a child or a parent when there is nothing you can do for the one you love. Yes, we pray but we all understand it is God’s will that will be done not ours. We should be reminded that nothing is forever or even tomorrow. We should love those around us because God put them in our life for a reason. The PAX is large and if we all made one person’s life better, we could make an impact. I think these might be Creflo’s words. I just wanted him to know I do listen. It is up to us what we do with our time, finances and love. F3 always says to give it away, we should, it is not ours. It is God’s.


YHC Ron Burgundy



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