Another great morning for a run at The Green Mile.  YHC scoped out Coast Guard Road and finding numerous water hazard impeding the way called for the run to start down Reed and out to 58 for 22min out and 22min back.  7 PAX & 2 canine headed out for our 3,4,5 miles depending on pace.  Dollywood eventually found his was to the starting point of the AO and poured on the speed to catch up with the PAX.

Rendezvousing back at the start with 1 min to the hard stop, a tired but joyful PAX joined in announcements and prayers were led by Purplerain for SUMC pastor transitioning, Laettner and his M, and the thanks & praise for another day on Gods green Earth.

YHC is humbled by this group of HIM and their desire to support one another and give it away.

Thanks to Couchpotato for letting me Q

SYITG – Pillbox

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