• When: 03/12/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Lunchbox
  • PAX: Canary, Uncle Rico, Blart (respect), Buckeye, Dave McCubbin (FNG) Mcfly, Monkey Wrench (respect)
  • AO: Back Blasts, Ft. Benjamin Park, Knarr

YHC had been feeling the need to make the trip out to Ft Ben and post at the Knarr, so when Blart sent out a request for Q’s, I decided to heed the call and step up. I posted last Monday to do a little recon and get a feel for the flow of a Knarr workout, only to find Snooki Q’ing an unconventional Knarr workout. Oh well, I’ll just make it up.

With the rainy forecast and the sometimes low numbers at the Knarr, YHC was wondering if he might be alone this morning, but as I rolled in the parking lot several PAX were already in view. I planted my shovel flag next to Blart’s as two more Pax come rolling in. About this time a sad clown comes walking up and says, “Do you guys know Greg Antonelli?” Apparently Snooki had invited an FNG. Then the question among the PAX shifted to, “Is Snooki going to fartsack on his FNG?” One minute warning given and then it was time for a hard start. No Snooki. SMH

Full F3 definition, mission statement, and disclaimer were given (flawlessly) for the FNG and we were off on a short mosey. We circled up on the soccer field for…


  • Cotton pickers x 15 ic
  • Imperial walkers x 15 ic
  • Abe Vigodas x 15 ic
  • Sun gods F/R x 15 ic
  • L/R 15 count
  • R/L 15 count

Mosey over to the football field for…

The Thang

Rack and Stack

The PAX lined up at one corner of the end zone. PAX would complete an exercise then run a horseshoe to midfield and back to the adjacent corner. There the PAX would complete the same exercise and stack on another one. The process would repeat through several exercises. The exercises were…

  • 5 burpees
  • 10 merkins
  • 15 WWI
  • 20 monkey humpers
  • 25 air presses

At this point the PAX would continue the process, but peel one exercise off the stack at each stop.

With the rack and stack complete, we moseyed over to the shuffle board court. Here, using the rails, the PAX would start at one end and perform 5 dips, then bear crawl or lunge (pax choice) to the other end where they would perform 5 erkins. They would repeat this process adding 5 reps every circuit until reaching 25 of each. YHC considered peeling the reps back off, but time was quickly running out, so I omaha’ed that idea for a final exercise.

Indian Bear Chair

With about 5 min to a hard stop, the PAX assumed the people’s chair position along the back of the building. One at a time, the PAX would bear crawl from the back of the line to the front in Indian run fashion. This continued around the side of the building and onto the front. With about 15 seconds left we moseyed back to the flags for a hard stop.


Namarama was performed and we were on to naming the FNG. After a story about a third grade presentation with his pants unzipped and his underwear sticking out, Mcfly was chosen. Welcome Mcfly! Announcements and prayer requests were given and Blart took us out.

Its always an honor to lead!


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