• When: 10/30/2018
  • Workout Style: boot camp
  • QIC: twitty
  • PAX: Graco, Bunyon, RonRico, Boss Tweed, Puddles, Dogtown, Livermush, Costanza
  • AO: Back Blasts, Beaufort, Clam Digger

YHQ arrived first and possibly overdressed on this cool October morn.  The PAX began to swarm in after feeling the excitement generated from the PreBlast. RonRico ran up to join the PAX in full ski bunny attire.  Not since Cool Runnings have I seen a Caribbean man brave the elements in search of athletic glory quite like this.  RonRico,I’m sorry to report that it only gets colder, but hopefully you’ll get tougher.  As it was a seasoned group the disclaimer was partially mumbled as Costanza’s tires squealed into position.  Pleasantries exchanged and we were off to the restaurant formerly known as FINZ for….



20 Cotton Pickers IC

Sungods IC FWD/REV

20 Good mornings IC

Brisk mosey to the roundabout to get things started.

The Thang:

Costanza’s Deck of Death was once voted ‘workout most likely to attend and sleep through’.  I was overjoyed that he was in attendance for the remix.  In a stroke of pure briliiance YHQ deemed this one The Poker Run.  Five cards would be drawn at every other intersection down Front Street until we reached Hill St, the infamous BFT 1 mile mark.  PAX would complete the exercise denoted by the suit in the number of reps determined by the value of each card.  Gentlemen, it was early.  I understand your gross impatience with my atrocious AM memory, but we eventually got it (with more than a little help from RonRico):






First couple of stops were a little tricky, but by Turner Street the PAX was locked in with disgruntled mumble chatter upon realizing that the deck contained nothing less than a NINE.  I am fairly certain that Bunyon is still wrestling with the fact that Jacks = 11, Queens 12, Kings 13 and Aces 14.  Understanding that in the heat of the moment YHQ missed a few reps in an effort to keep up the frantic pace.

Roundabout to Hill Street and back to Pollock St.  10 stops on the run and a Jail Break home for hard stop.  No time for Mary.  PAX agreed to crossing the DMZ to post for Thursday’s Carterico anniversary.  Dogtown took us out.  Glad to have you back, man.  Excellent job men.  Thanks for your patience and glad to have such a good turnout.  Until next time.  Beaufort Rules.


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