• When: 02/25/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Princess
  • PAX: Ricardo, Navy (Respect), Cheech, Monkey Wrench (Respect), Dash 8 (Respect), Kiwi, Ron Burgundy (Respect), Blart (Respect)
  • AO: Knarr

YHC arrived at the AO thinking, thank god it’s not raining! Finally, we have a clear morning and the pavement areas are even dry. The PAX begin to roll in and I noticed that the “Respect” club is in full affect. Don’t let their age fool you, these guys are some of the best in F3! With a line up of veteran Qs like, Ron Burgundy (Respect), Monkey Wrench (Respect), Navy (Respect), Blart (Respect) & Dash 8 (Respect) you have to bring your A game or you will get riddled with Mumble Chatter. The PAX begin to circle as Ron Burgundy decides to bring the laughter by asking Cheech “Why is your Dad selling your bike? What did you do?” And 3,2,1… Hard Start!

Warm A Rama

Alittle mosey around the parking lot, heading to the Basketball court, we circled up 3 times and completed…

SSH x 20, Cheech’s “Girlfight” x15, Cotton Pickers x15, Sun Gods x10 (forward & reverse), Windmill x 15. We ended up on the Basketball court.

The Thang

We partnered up for 3 Sets of Princess Tea Party with added Air Presses totaling 35 Pattycake Merkins and 45 APs IC.

While remaining on the basketball court, we kept our partner and  I decided to honor the upcoming March madness with some basketball suicides with added Merkins at half court. While partner 2 would be on the side waiting their turn performing WW1s, ASTs & Copperhead Squats. Mosey to the picnic tables. Two rows of picnic tables lined up, We performed up and overs in a snake formation. Mosey to the Amphitheater…

Had to throw in 3 rounds of Wall Worms! Some of the eastern PAX haven’t seen these yet and the western PAX would have missed them! Ha.. mosey to the tennis court….

Time for some 4 Corners: Lunge for 1st corner, 20 Merkins. Run to 2nd corner, 20 Carolina Dry Docks. Lunge to 3rd corner, 30 LSF IC. Run to 4th corner, 30 squats. Rinse and repeat…  It has become widely known throughout Carterico that “Cheech Don’t Cheat!”  And, I can honestly say, that saying has been true until today. Now, an argument could be made that it was the situation that made him cheat, since it was interference by the net on the tennis courts that forced him to walk around it instead of continuing to lunge with everyone else. Anyway, I heard a few of the PAX say, “Did we just see Cheech cheat?”  I’m going to take up for my buddy on this one and say that it was interference. You make the call! …mosey to another picnic area for some Dips x40 & Erkins x40.

With just a small amount of time left, I decided to do 3 more rounds of Wall Worms on the way back to the flag. Mountain climbers x10 IC at the flag, Hard Stop!

Count, Name a Rama, Announcements and Prayer Requests for Ron Burgundy & Laettner’s families. Kiwi lead us in prayer, thanks Kiwi!

Always proud to be a member of F3 and thanks to Ricardo for allowing me to lead this group of true leaders.  Great job today everyone!!




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