YHC was leaving the door open for what we would do today as the weather was iffy and I was unsure how many PAX would show, so had a couple of ideas.  6 others rolled in and with some questionable parking skills from maytag and Pillbox we were off.

we agreed with a rolling warmarama that consisted of some exercises under the pavilion and other locations.  After a mosey around the grounds with stops very so often we ended up at the tennis courts.

‘The rest of the time was spent on a rack and stack 4 corners.  Load it up then unpack it, focused on shoulders.

5 diamonds, 10 merkins,15 alt. Shoulder taps, 20 air presses, 15 plank jacks, 10 DW merkins, 5 Carolina dry docks

some where along the line either I got tired or the mumble chatter got to me because it appeared I forgotten how to count.  The PAX made sure they let me know about it!  Time had run out.

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