• When: 03/18/20
  • Workout Style: band camp
  • QIC: ponch
  • PAX: Weinstein RR, FrankandBeans RR, CouchPotato R, McSketti R, Skidmark R, Cheech, TarHole, Bandit, ponch
  • AO: Cape Carteret Expansion, Prometheus


YHC rolled in with a half a plan, Im getting soft with no race to train for so I strapped on the GPS watch and figured we could do a curl or 2 and  carry the Bands for at least 2 miles to work Captain Morgan outta my blood stream and truck stop hot dogs off my waistline, it was gonna be a NEW DAY for ol poncho. The first two brothers that rolled in are studs I haven’t seen in a while and could not have been happier to lay eyes on……..but they’re broken. 🙂        OMAHA –

1 min prior to the start I was so engaged in the 2nd F that it almost didn’t happen. Would that have been so bad? I know some come out for the sweat and some not so much. Did I mention there’s a cooler in my jeep?.

Warmarama was a couple belly laughs and stories of local happenings, being out of “it” for a while,  YHC stole some time to warm up the shoulders with the typical rotator cuff surgery rehab staples. Add in some curls, tri extensions, military presses and “griswolds” and it was off to the ALLEY to make some beer money.

Clock Merkins, Clap merkins (thank you Frank and Beans) uphill LBC, calf raises, squats a plenty , downhill Merkins for McSketti and a handful of American hammers for the win. Future Qs take note, Bandit likes Baryshnikov squats.

The PAX were asked to tell me a joke, had they come up with one – they would have been spared the wall sits and balls to the walls whilst listening to MY jokes. Weinstein gets Tclaps for his poop toothbrush joke (you had to be there)

PAX choice mary as it was intended when man was created.

our (circle?) of trust and ball of men looked more like a Rorschach test but 6ft spacing aside, we got the message across – pray for health of everyone, safe travels and local business’ suffering (support where you can)

CPs message that we need to be smart in our actions so that we can continue to get out and get (together) was well received.

That was it….. except for the 50 minutes of Fellowship, laughter, Friendship and maybe a Corona or 2 in the parking lot, watching the paint store dude cook BACON behind the counter (what in the heck was THAT about)?

I wouldn’t trade a minute of it.



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