• When: 10/12/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Cheech
  • PAX: Princess, Couch Potato (Respect!), Maytag, Purple Rain, Ponch (Respect!), Linus, Stumps, Hot Lips (Respect!), Cooter, Meemee, Cheech (YHC)
  • AO: Back Blasts, Field of Dreams

A glorious morning to lead these 10 great men around The Field of Dreams.  YHC woke up today feeling not so great.  Too much celebrating with little sleep made remembering the workout a little difficult.  YHC arrived 15 min early to scope the scene.  Not wanting to get wet, YHC turned in his man card and decided to conduct the Dora on dry asphalt instead.  Ponch was already waiting when I pulled in like the HIM he is.  Hot Lips was next.  With 8 mins left the PAX start to arrive.  With 1 minute left, Maytag and Linus arrive last to round us out for a Hard Start:


SSH x15 IC

Cheech girl fight for and rev x10 IC

Abe vigoda x10 IC

Cotton Pickers x10 IC

Hairy Rockets x10 IC

Sumo Squats x10 SC

Thang 1

Mosey to voting building

Partner 1 monkey humpers

Partner 2 runs around

Partner 1 Holds plank

Partner 2 runs around

Rinse and Repeat 2X

Al gore for 6

Thang 2

At picnic tables

Step ups 20X SC ea leg

Derkins 15X SC

Dips 10X SC

Rinse and repeat 3X

Thang 3

Mosey back to Flag Parking Lot and find previous partner

Dora 300

Hand release merkins 50 SC

Carolina dry docks 100 SC

Low slow flutters 150 SC

Thang 4

Circle up in same parking lot for:

Deck of death

Spades = squats

Clubs = supermans (you’re welcome Couch Potato! Lol)

Diamonds = box cutters

Hearts = mountain climbers

Jokers = 20 burpees

This concluded our workout and luckily no Jokers were drawn!!  Diamonds seemed to be the hot suit so box cutters were WAYYY too prevalent.  I’m glad I was able to keep down the previous nights contents.  Apparently, I was not the only one suffering.  Due to an F2 engagement the night before, I was in like company.  Purple Rain cleared his side of the circle with the help of his draft beer’s gaseous side effects!  Luckily, no one splashed Merlot, thus causing a train wreck with the rest of us following his lead.  Hard Stop was reached and we circled the flag for namara, annoucements and prayer requests (Toby for F3 Wilimington),were made.  Cooter took us out in prayer.. Thanks for the good words brother

-Meme’s Shriner 5k is coming up for those who haven’t signed up.  It’s for a great cause as Cooter pointed out.  His family benefited greatly from their generosity.  It’s on October 26th @9:00 am at the Eastern Regional Beach Access on Emerald Isle.  Grab a friend and/or fellow PAX member and come on out!!

-Party time at Couch Potato’s abode first Thursday next month. M friendly

-CSAUP and Eastern F3 Christmas party Dec. 7th

-AO change for Western F3 Christmas party.  Now our gracious host will be Purple Rain at his house on Dec. 14th so clear your schedules.


Thanks for letting me lead this morning Linus!  Also, thanks for my prized eggs and peppers.  They’ve already been utilized and they were delish!!  Sorry about your FNG hopeful Hot Lips.  There’s always next Saturday 😉 Thanks for the coffee though.  F2 coffeeteria with Stumps, Princess, Meemee and Hot Lips was a great way to kick this weekend off


Cheech out!



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