• When: 10/29/18
  • Workout Style: BOOT CAMP
  • PAX: Denver, Monkey Wrench (Respect), Ricardo, Buckeye, Blart (Respect)
  • AO: Back Blasts

YHC was eager to see the men from the Knarr. Ft. Benjamin has lots of space but has been wet in the past. The lights were already on when YHC began to check out the landscape and noticed one of the picnic areas was being used by some local ladies. I was cordial with my hello and asked them if they know Pasqually. Strange looks and a quick hustle to gather their belonging and hit the trail led me to believe they at least heard of the legend. The ground was dry and plan A was intact, so back to the parking lot. Denver and Monkey Wrench were already waiting. Denver inquired about the workout being FAT PAX approved. Every workout is, they just don’t know it. Buckeye was next and we shamed him into taking off the hoodie. Ricardo planted the flag wearing a black toboggan. No, not a sled but a hat, welcome to the South. PAX couldn’t get him to take it off, something about a cold bald head. Blart was last wearing man tights. YHC specifically said no man tights needed in the Preblast. Blart said he is going to wear what he is going to wear. The added incentive was not having to shower after the workout but I wasn’t sure of the connection. 3, 2, 1 here we go. 3 F’s given, mission statement disclaimer and off we go.


Mosey to the…nope turn around and head to the main road. The one that nobody uses unless it is 5:30 to 6:15. Stop at the 1st intersection for SSH’s x 20 and Sun Gods x 10 each way

Mosey to the next intersection Windmills x 10 and Good Mornings x 10

Mosey to the next…CAR..move to the right and go to the next light Cotton Pickers x 10 and the basic stretch left and Right


PAX made their way to the baseball diamond to honor the World Series. Don’t think anyone in the group cares because most didn’t know it was over. We would start at home plate and run to 1st to do 5 Alternating Shoulder Taps, run back to home. run to second 5 squats and 5 AST at 1st and back to home. 3rd base 5 Diamond Merkins, Squats, AST back to home. Complete the diamond with Mike Tyson’s, and work your way back. Rinse and repeat doing 10 of each. At some point a car drove by very slow, on the road that no one uses. YHC thought for a moment that it might be a Steve Scalise moment, or it could be the chicks from earlier looking for Pasqually, or just the locals looking for their fix. Sad but true. This got YHC off his game because the PAX had to correct the on at least 3 occasions for doing the routine wrong. I think the Knarr has the smartest PAX in F3.

Quick mosey to the field next door for Bear Crawl Snake. I’m not sure if the PAX looks at themselves the way I do. They must see themselves in the mirror as Brad Pitt because they left no room in between for the crawl. Buckeye really had it wrong when he kept yelling for the Q to get underneath him. It was dark but not that dark.

Mosey to the picnic shelter for Prisoner Squats x 20, Step Ups x 20 IC and Box Jumps x 20. Palate Cleanser and back for another round. Buckeye assured YHC that we would be doing all that leg work if he would have come to “HIS” workout on Thursday. YHC was reminded that Buckeye always comes for a Ron Burgundy Q and he should return the favor. The guilt of Qing.

Mosey around the building to the basketball courts and partner up. This where Buckeye realized they had pull up bars. Partner A would AMRAP pull ups (palms toward) while partner B ran a lap around the court, Switch. Next LBC’s, Pull Ups (palms out) and WW1’s

Some BBall suicides were next going half and full court, 3 rounds

Mosey back to the flag stopping halfway for 20 merkins


American Hammer x 20

X’s and O’s

Superman holding for 10 count each time

Prayers for victims of the shooting this weekend, Lassies Brother, Blart and Meemee’s M’s and travels for the cross country team.  YHC took us out in a ball of man.

Qing my fellow PAX bothers is now something I look forward too. The responsibility could be seen as over whelming but with the help of the PAX always seems easy. If you have been coming for a while, it is time to Q. One of our main goals is to pay it forward. Someone invited you and someone has Q’d for you. It is time for you to do the same. It is even better when you go to a different workout and see some different faces. Carterico can be a big group at times and spread out but he all have one thing in common…5:30 every morning.

YHC Ron Burgundy

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