• When: 07/08/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Princess
  • PAX: Navy (Respect), Dash 8 (Respect), Birdman, Ron Burgundy (Respect), Monkey Wrench (Respect), Denver, Propane, Kiwi, Ricardo, Huckabee (Respect)
  • AO: Back Blasts, Knarr

With fear of rain showers and thunderstorms in the forecast, YHC had to remember, “It never rains on F3 workouts!” And, today proved that the quote is correct, what a beautiful morning for a beatdown! As the PAX begin to roll in, YHC got excited to see this particular group of dedicated leaders show up. Such as Ron Burgundy (Respect), Monkey Wrench (Respect), Ricardo, Kiwi, Birdman, Denver (who has been doing an excellent job as Site Q for The Knarr, btw), Navy (Respect) & Dash 8 (Respect). Also, glad to see Huckabee & Propane are posting more, these guys are a great addition to F3!! Hard Start,  Mission statement and disclaimer were stated. Let’s go!!


Cotton Pickers IC x10, Sun Gods IC x10 forward & reverse, short mosey… Windmill IC x10, Hillbillies IC x10, another short mosey to the tennis courts, Imperial Walkers IC x15


Using the tennis courts, we partnered up for a Dora. Partner #1 Would perform suicides while partner #2 performed exercises at the end until partner #1 finished and switched. 5 different exercises were completed by both partners. AST, Merkins, Squats, Plank Jacks & Mountain Climbers. Mosey lap around to building and end at the picnic tables. Dips x30 & Erkins x30.

Short walk back to the tennis courts. Everyone lined up against the fence for 3 rounds of Wall Worms. A quick 10 count from Monkey Wrench (Respect) and time for some 4 Corners.  Right foot forward shuffle to the 1st Corner, Plank Jacks IC x15. Left foot forward shuffle to the 2nd Corner, Copperhead Squats IC x15.  Right foot forward shuffle to the 3rd Corner, Carolina Dry Docks SC x15.  Left foot forward shuffle to the 4th Corner, Doublewide Merkins SC x15.  Back up against the fence, into the People’s chair with added air presses. Each PAX gave a 5 count. Mosey lap around the building and back to the tennis courts.

Bear Crawl “7s” with Plank Jacks on one side and Merkins on the other.  This was tough, but I have to say that I don’t believe I ever saw Denver or Kiwi modify anything through the entire work out. Maybe there were others but, didn’t see it from them. I think, it’s impossible to kill these guys!  Mosey back to the flag for Mary. WW1s SC x20 & Freddie Mercury’s IC x20… Hard Stop!

COUNT A RAMA, NAMA A RAMA, and ANNOUNCEMENTS about upcoming workouts this week. PRAYER REQUEST for our brothers Gilligan, John Jenkins, Laettner, Tinactin & Blart. Kiwi lead us in prayer, thanks brother!

Fantastic work today guys!! Always proud to lead and to start my morning with these amazing gentlemen.  Special thanks to Denver for giving me the keys to the Knarr. Until next time…..



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