• When: 10/12/18
  • Workout Style: Run
  • QIC: Madoff
  • PAX: Misty, Bongwa, Jangalang, Rameses, Bayliner, Rooney, Deebo, Shroom, Lassie, Pocahontas, Lamar, Knottyhead, Big Mic, WinniethePoo, Madoff
  • AO: Back Blasts

So, the original Stampede plan was to meet at Starling Marine, run Mitchell Village, and return for a full breakfast cooked by Bayliner. Unfortunately, Hurricane Michael remnants working on remaining Hurricane Florence detritus rendered aforementioned course unsafe in YHC’s eyes. Omaha to old standby LZ at CCC to reconnect with our friend the AB bridge.  Clown car was semi-successful, with Pocahontas acquired but jilted by 🦆

65° DBP weather greeted the pax, with only Shroom complaining about the “cold” and that he “should have worn a sweater.”  Deebo rolls in over the curb, 0530 hits, and YHC gives a shout-out to rookie Lamar:  new last week and posting all this week. Also props to Winnie, sole Eastern pax creating the bridges. 3Fs and mission statement regurgitated, and special disclaimer/advice given in anticipation of a debris-strewn route. Pax off and running.

*******BAYLINER GOES DOWN!!!********

YHC’s headlamp spotlighted a tumbling Bay in the first curve of the Sunset loop. He hopped up and continued like the warrior he is, and Jangalang immediately began deposing the witnesses, eliciting the following evidence:

1) Lassie pinched in on the curve, reminding Poca of the famous clash between Mary Decker and Zola Budd

2) YHC’s headlamp cast a “blinding shadow,” plunging Bay into a disorienting Black Hole of darkness

3) And lastly from Bay himself: “I didn’t lift my feet up”

But rest easy my friends!  As of this writing, Bay’s left knee strawberry seems the only visible damage from this near catastrophe.

With branches and trash dodged or “powered through”, Pax rolled back in to the college, only to see Lassie tear off with important business to attend to. Remaining pax stretched while waiting for the Lamar/Knottyhead WarBaby/WarDaddy combo to return from 6+.

Namearama: ✔️

Announcements:  Carterico Convergence tomorrow at Hero Patriot, sponsored by Misty, bringing coffee and donuts, Griswold, bringing enthusiasm and hustle, and Flipova, bringing kettle bells and a scowl.

Prayer Request:  Lassie’s brother. MeeMee’s M. And for everyone still recovering fromFlorence, and now the Michael victims.

Knottyhead closed us with prayer in the ball of man.

Words cannot do justice to describe my joy in seeing each of you arrive for a workout. YHC is always so thankful for the opportunity and humbled by the ability to participate in a workout with my F3 brothers.



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