• When: 05/25/2018
  • Workout Style: Ruck
  • QIC: Chain Link
  • PAX: Gert, Wilson, Blue cross, White boots, Jane doe, Villa, Spinal tap, Ron Burgundy, Monkey wrench, Puddles, Holiday Mansion
  • AO: Back Blasts, Rucky Duck

Day 7 of The Week of The Chain Link ⛓

The Rucky Duck!! 🦆

Q pulled into Sweet Beans shocked to see many pax members already there! As I put my shoes on (Listening to the finest of tunes) Blue Cross asked me if he needed gloves! (Little did he know this Rucky Duck will be like no other Rucky Duck they have done).

5:15 Pax circle up with no rucks and Q gives a half assed welcome and disclaimer. Pax is ready to roll but the Q throws a wrench in the plan and has the Pax Bear Crawl around the bank (without rucks). Once completed rucks are on and we cross 70 headed East. Ruck a few blocks and turn onto 20th street and ruck about a block inward. Pax takes their rucks off and Bear crawl about half a block, turn around and Bear crawl back,

Warnarama: Windmills 15, Hand Release Merkins 15

Rucks on, head West to the bridge! At the end of the street before we head onto the bridge Pax stops and because it was a Chain Link workout we had to do burpees! Pax did 10 double merkin burpees.

Onto the bridge, (here’s the regular Rucky Duck stuff). Once on top of the bridge Pax re-groups and does 10 Squats and 10 Urkins. Then we ruck down the bridge!

Channel Marker Parking lot!                                                            Once in the parking lot the Pax took off the rucks once again and partnered up for some Bear Crawl 1 2 3’s!! Partner 1 bear crawls to the end of the parking lot and back while partner 2 does merkins; keep alternating until 100 merkins are accomplished as a team. Then Partner 1 bear crawls to the end and back while partner 2 is doing squats; alternating until 200 squats have been accomplished. Then while partner 1 bear crawls partner 2 is doing LBC’s until 300 LBC’s are done as a team!

Finally we begin the trek back to Sweet Beans!  What a beautiful sun rise this morning going over the bridge!

Pax returns to Sweet Beans at 6:19 (Sorry) and finishes not only the workout but finishes The Week of The Chain Link with 7 burpees!

Announcements, Prayer Requests, Spinal Tap took us out in Prayer!

I appreciate everyone who came and made these 7 days fly by!

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