Day 3 of The Week of The Chain Link

The Knarr

Q gave a nice welcome/good morning to the Pax along with the disclaimer and we set of with a Mosey.

Mosey to Disc Golf Basket.


Side Straddle Hops 15, Cotton Pickers 15, Right over Left, Left over Right.

The Thang:

Mosey to Parking lot

Ascending Bear Crawls: Pax lined up each on their own parking block did 1 Derkin(feet on parking block), Bear Crawled to parking block adjacent to them and then did 2 Derkins; back and forth all the way to 15 Derkins.

Mosey to Tennis Court

11’s: Starting at a corner of the tennis court the Pax did 1 Merkin and 10 LBC’s then a lap around the two tennis courts. Then 2 Merkins and 9 LBC’s then a lap. 3-8, 4-7, 5-6, 6-5, 7-4, 8-3, 9-2, 10-1.

Mosey to Picnic Benches

Dips 20, Urkins 20, Step ups 20

Mosey to Soccef Field

Bear Crawl Inchworm: Pax lined up on the Soccer Field as if they were about to embark on an Indian run; but instead they got down into a plank position and began doing Merkins while the man in the back Bear Crawled to the front. Pax kept repeating until we reached the end of the soccer field.

Short mosey back to the Parking lot

Bear Crawl Burpees: Pax lined up shoulder to shoulder at one end of the parking lot put their hands in the air (like a big ole mean grizzly), went down and did a Merkin, but instead of coming back up into a jump the Pax Bear Crawled to the next parking spot. Rinse and repeat for about half the parking lot (15 spaces or so)

Mosey back to Picnic Benches

Dips 15, Urkins 15, Step ups 15

Mosey to the flag (playing hop scotch on the way)

In honor of Day 3 of The Week of The Chain Link we finished the workout with 3 burpees.

Annocments, Prayer Requests… Monkey took us out in Prayer!

3 days down 4 to go!!

Havent had double digit Pax yet at a workout… 😢

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