It was a beautiful 55° with a 6 mph wind out of the west on the starlit morning, YHC arrived early to recon some of the AO and found that on this rare day there was access to what Navy calls Pillbox hill.

Back at the gathering point, Cheech, an FNG, were already waiting as Navy and Dash8 pull in. For the FNG a flawless mission statement, disclaimer, and core principles were given.

Brief warmarama of cotton pickers and R/L L/R stretches for 10 ct. and off we go.  Navy and FNG (Brockovich) will run while rest of PAX ruck toward Pillbox hill, ie the Emerald Isle Water Slide. With the tallest vertical YHC knows in Carteret County it is a great place to get the quads pumping. Climbing up and back down 3x’s Navy & Brockovich rejoin the PAx for 2 in reverse and one final forward climb and down.  To the parking lot for 15 WW1 with the ruck on chest. Here the rucking PAX trade packs, with the moral reminder of “ you never know in life the weight your fellow man maybe carrying around on his shoulders.” Navy & Brockovich resume their run and the PAX ruck onward. Stops for a round of circle merkins w pack, 5 @12o’clock, 5@3oclock, 5@6oclock, 5@9oclock, Finnish w 5@12 o’clock again. Trade packs again, next stop 25 squats w pack overhead and trade packs back to owners. The PAX ruck on logging miles  keeping cadence by Dash 8’s squeaky shoes, creaking joints, and clanging weights in his pack.  Arriving back at the starting point a few minutes late, YHC issued apologies for the planning error and the late return.

Namarama, announcements, prayers concerns. FNG named Brockovich.YHc closed in thanksgiving and prayers for s M, F3  Brothers returning from Charleston, and Navys 2.0 re turning from Spain.

Gentlemen, I enjoyed the morning and look forward to many more with the F3 brothers



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