I seldom get the opportunity to post on Wednesday but each chance I get I come away wishing I could do it more often.  Today was no different.  My goal today was simple, give the PAX a chance to get a taste of all Three F’s that F3 provides, all on one day.  We met at Neuse Sport Shop and Laettner, Purple Rain and Coach Potato ran over six miles together.  Strong effort gentlemen.  Pillbox, Cheech, Princess, and I set out to Ruck (must note that Laettner lent his ruck sack to Princess so I expect some soreness from him later today).  The Ruckers sprinkled in some exercises along the way for a change of pace.  We all met back at the Neuse for some stretching and came to a hard stop after CP lead his famous Supermans.  At this point the title to this backblast was revealed.  Couch Potato issued a merkin challenge to Princess and it was simple, keep going until you reach your age.  During namearama, CP filled us in on his secret, he’s not 57, he’s actually 88!  A good laugh was had, announcement were made, and some pretty heavy prayer requests were issued for those that struggle for various reasons over the Holidays.  Laettner took us out in his usual style with a prayer that you feel, not just hear.  I think everyone that posted this morning accomplished all 3 Fs and we still have our 2nd F meeting for a beer this evening (Princess mentioned something about treating everyone, so we’ll see).  Needless to say, I’m VERY thankful for all that F3 has given me and for each and every one of you.  Make the most out of your family time this week and I hope to see you this evening.

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