• When: 11/30/17
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Crabby Englishman
  • PAX: Buckeye, Deebo, Lassie, Monkey Wrench, Crabby Englishman
  • AO: Back Blasts, Carterican Court

As the clock struck 5 this morning, YHC rolled up on the AO for the standard. After planting the flag and stretching and with no other takers this morning, off I went on my tour of the Park. After logging two miles it was time to head back to the flag.

As the pax gathered, the countdown getting closer to Hard Start. The magic time was among us Mission statement and Disclaimer given we were of in a mosey to upper lot by Big Rock stadium for Warm-a-rama…


Cotton Picker X 15 IC

Left foot over right stretch for a 10 count

Right foot over left stretch for a 10 count

YHC drawing a blank on anything else proclaimed “enough stretching”

On to the Thang…

Mosey to the wall of Big Rock Stadium for People’s Chair with a 10 count by each man. Immediately YHC called for pax to remain in position and raise the left leg in the people’s chair with another 10 count per man when that was completed, immediately raise right leg and repeat 10 count again. After Lassie’s reaction, this exercise will be called the People’s Chair of Pain.

Mosey to the picnic tables for Aiken Legs…

Squats X 20 SC

Box Jumps X 20 SC

Lunges X 20 OYO

Mosey to some grass near by for a visit to a ATM

Alternating Shoulder Taps X 15 IC

Tempo Merkin X 10 IC

Fast Merkins X 10 SC

Mosey back to the picnic tables for another round of Aiken Legs.

Having completed this the pax lined up on the field with the goal of getting to the other side where Dipper was working out with the Crossfit folks. The only question, how to get there? After a vote from the pax (who am I kidding, after I decided) Bearcrawl was announced. On the other side the pax was instructed to find a nice strong section of fence for Ascending Testicles.

Feet on the wall at a 15 degree angle, Derkins X 10 SC

Walk feet up for Full BTTW for a 10 count by each pax

Walk feet back down to a 15 degree angle, Derkins X 10 SC

Recover and over to the grass field

I told the pax I had a new exercise I wanted to try, that I wanted to share with Jang the next time he visits my Q.

The Hand Release Burpee X 10 SC

Ski Abs Burpee X 10 OYO

YHC called for Wheelbarrow with a team of two and Broken Wheelbarrow with a team of three. Rotating positions at the appropriate times so all got the pleasure of the exercise.

It was time to play Black Jack. Simple game. Start with 1 Merkin run to the other side of the field and preform 20 LBC, Run back, 2 Merkins, run back, 19 LBC. It always adds up to 21.

We were only able to get to 17 Merkins and 4 LBC’s before Hard Stop. That only amounted to 153 Merkins and 204 LBC’s. Job well done by all Pax, keeping a strong effort to the end.

Announcements: Workouts tomorrow… Stampede, Hashmark, Something in Beaufort and on the Western Side.

Prayer Concerns: Villa’s daughter on her journey to a drug free life.

YHC took us out in a standing BOM.

Always an honor to lead

Crabby Englishman



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