• When: 08/26/17
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Crabby Englishman
  • PAX: Purplerain, Bolt, Griswald, Buttoncap, Couchpotato, Snookie, Pidgeon, TaterTot (FNG), Floater, Plebe, Laettner, X-Box, Crabby Englishman
  • AO: Cape Carteret Expansion, Field of Dreams, Western Park

In the early gloom YHC made his way to the Field of Dreams after receiving a invitation from Laettner, the Mayor of the Western side. Pulling into the parking lot and making my way down the gauntlet of speed bumps. X-box assisted me with putting our coupons for the day out in a nearby field. 6:00 on the clock, the eager pax was greeted, disclamer was given and a modify statement as well, Purple rain was too busy looking nervously at our coupons to hear the modify statement as latter at coffeteria he asked if it had been given. All pertinent info conveyed, time to start the party…

Mosey around the parking lot making a big lap stopping in one of the many fields to circle up for warm-a-rama:


Left foot over right, hold for 10 count

Right foot left, hold for 10 count

Cotton Pickers X 15 IC

One leg Sun God- forward X 15 IC

Switch legs and reverse direction X 15 IC

Imperial Walkers X 15 IC

mosey to the parking lot, suicide was called using every line in the lot and planking for the 6

Merkins X 15 IC

Sprint to the last line and back- plank for the 6

Tempo Merkins X 15 IC

Sprint to the baseball fence and back

Merkins X 15 IC

Mosey to the closet utility hut… People’s chair for a 5 count from each man.

Mosey onto explore more of this territory

Stopping at the concession stand, but not for soda and popcorn!

BTTW for a 15 count

BTTW for a 15 count, then walking our feet down to a 10 degree angle- Derkins X 10 SC, walking our feet back up for BTTW for a 15 count.

Over to the picnic tables for dips X 20 SC

Mosey out to a practice field..

Merkins X 15 SC

Wide Merkins X 15 SC


Moey over to the toys, I mean coupons. We got info four groups, each group had a 30# sandbag in front of them and a tire about 100 Yards away. First man in line does 5 burpees oyo, picks up the sandbag and gets to the tire as quickly as possible, does 5 burpees, puts the sandbag in the tire and  drags the tire back to the starting point and the next person in line goes. While te pax are eagerly awaiting their turn they are completing a circuit of:

Merkins X 10 SC oyo

Mountain Climbers X 15 SC oyo

LBC X 20 SC oyo, repeating the circuit until the first person returns with the tire and they switch. Continuing until all pax have completed the tire pull. We moseyed over to some bleachers in a far corner of the park and dips were called

Dips X 20 SC

Mosey to a nearby wall for BTTW for a 20 count

Mosey back to where the coupons are, and back into our four groups. First person starting on the goal line carries the sandbag as quickly as possible to the half field mark and back. The pax waiting, do LBC’s until it is their turn.

Next a call was made for everyone to partner up for Clerkins X 15 SC oyo with your partner, on the way up you hand smack for each rep.

YHC called for two lines for an Indian run, using the tires. The last man pulls the tire to the front of the line then drops the rope pulling the tire, he then goes to the front of the line and the last man picks up the rope and repeats the process. We did a loop around a majority of the park ending where we started.

YHC offered an horary gift to the Mayor of the Western side, Laettner for inviting me to Q , he called the next exercise…

burpees X 10 oyo

Time for some Mary

Merkins X 10 SC

Empty Boat Plank hold (EBPH) for a 15 count

Merkins X 10 SC

EBPH for a 15 count

Merkins X 10 SC

EBPH for a 15 cunt

American Hammer X 15 IC

Left ankle over right knee, twisting and touching each elbow to your knee X 15 IC

Switch ankle and knee X 15 IC


I called on some of the pax for participation

Laettner- Freddy Mercuries X 15 SC

X-Box-  SSH X 15 IC

Purple Rain- Merkins X 15 SC

Griswald – Leg Circles X 10 SC clockwise, X 10 counterclockwise


Announcements: Gordy Lee tomorrow, Green Mile on Monday

Prayer Concerns: Purple Rains father(Cousin) having to decide how to handle some blockage around his heart.

Griswald took us out in prayer

It is always an honor to lead, but I was especially honored to be asked to Q at this relatively new site! Thank you for allowing me to grow, share & lead as well help others in the same way!

Crabby Englishman Out

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