A well though out beating was planned the day before, the coupons loaded into the truck and the maniacal smirk on my face as I closed the tailgate excited me for the Knarr! Aaaand then my back let me know who was boss a little later, and no I didn’t sneeze to hard or fart!!

So a new plan devised and it was pretty darn funny watching the pax roll in and seeing those tires in my truck!! Glad you didn’t turn around Ricardo!!


cotton pickers



mountain climbers

10 IC (or something like that)

a short mosey to behind the main building for a little music

run in place with a down and up on the word “whip” while Whip It by Devo played.

Then off to the soccer field for some Dora

100 Merkins

200 alternating shoulder taps

400 LBC’s

800 air press

A very short Snoozy to the picnic benches

Step ups and box jumps 10 each X’4 with 40 dips thrown in there just for Blart

over to the amphitheater for some BTTW. First round a 10 count each recover and then a second round for a 5 count each

back to the flag for

plank with a Merkin every time the word “Mickey “ was heard to the song Hey Mickey”  this proved to be a crowd favorite!!!

short Mary with Dying

Cockroaches 10 IC and a round of Alphabet to a hard stop

announcements and   prayer request then Kiwi led us out

thanks Denver for the chance to to play at The Knarr  see you again soon I hope!!!


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