• When: 01/03/20
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Princess
  • PAX: Pillbox (Respect), Couch Potato (Respect), Snooki, MCSketti (Respect), Dingy, Mikey, Running Bear, Frank and Beans (Respect x2), Purple Rain, Dr. Doolittle (Respect x3)
  • AO: Back Blasts, Cape Carteret Expansion

What a warm morning, YHC thought awhile rolling to the AO. Wasn’t feeling the best in the world, putting up the good fight against bronchitis, but I wanted to push through it. It was great to see all the guys there early, chatting and laughing together. Purple Rain has returned from his mountain vacation, so glad to have you back buddy! Always great to see Dingy and his 2.0’s, Running Bear and Mikey. And of course, our regulars Couch Potato, McSketti, Snooki, Pillbox and Frank and Beans. Can’t leave out Dr. Doolittle who is 75, that should take away any excuse that you can’t do F3!! So glad to have him with us these days. Hard Start! A flawless mission statement and disclaimer were stated. Let’s go!


Hillbillies IC x10, Windmills IC x10 and Cheech’s Girlfight IC x10.


I have to admit, I wanted to keep it simple but effective since I was battling with a cough. So, decided to do a rack and stack and mosey around the park.
Stop #1 AST IC x15

Stop #2 AST IC x15, LBCs IC x15

Stop#3 AST IC x15, LBCs IC x15, Copperhead Squats IC x15

Stop#4 AST IC x15, LBCs IC x15, Copperhead Sqats IC x15, Freddie Mercury’s IC x15

Stop#5 AST IC x15, LBCs IC x15, Copperhead Squats IC x15, Freddie Mercury’s IC x15, Scorpion Dry Docks SC x15 (right foot)

Stop #6 AST IC x15, LBCs IC x15, Copperhead Squats IC x15, Freddie Mercury’s IC x15, Scorpion Dry Docks SC x 15 (right foot), Scorpion Dry Docks SC x15 (left foot)

Great job! Now let’s head back and unstack!

We unstacked and made it back to the parking lot, where I had everyone to partner up for Derkins x10 each. Staying as partners, we performed a Dora. Partner A ran down to the fence and back, while partner B performed exercises, then switch. Together we performed

Squats SC x150

LBCs SC x150

Merkins SC x100

Then, we circled up by the flag and Couch Potato finished out the last 30 seconds with Superman‘s. Excellent job everyone!

COUNT A RAMA, NAME A RAMA & ANNOUNCEMENTS were made about up coming Qs and 2nd F get together January 16th. PRAYER REQUESTS were lifted up for Purple Rain’s Aunt, Burnout and Hacksaw as Purple Rain led us in prayer. Thanks man!

I am always honored to lead this group of men. Thanks to everyone for supporting me this morning through all of my coughing and hacking. Awesome job guys! Until next time…




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