I received a message from Plebe about him not being able to Q the most prestigious workout site in the West about mid-day on Sunday.  I had less than 18 hours to plan the workout that we would perform at the Green Mile on Monday.  The pressure was on but I was ready for the challenge.

I passed two homeless people picking up trash on the EI bridge while heading to the workout and I knew it was going to be a good day.  I rolled up to find RuPaul ready to attack the Green Mile.  He was a little shaken though.  Emerald Isle’s finest just got through interrogating him whether he had seen a mysterious vehicle in the area…blue lights were all around the area.  Keep up the good work EIPD.  The two homeless people turned out the be Laettner and Griswold.  Cooter soon rolled in and Back Up was nice enough to drag his dad, Tony Romo, out of bed.  We were missing Couch Potato…something about Stella Artois Virtigo?  I am not familiar with this medical diagnosis but he bounced back today so it was short lived.  Purple Rain lad out again….of my second Q in 3 days.

After a 0-stutter mission statement, we headed towards the mating birds (fine use of our tax dollars) and sophisticated round about on EI to get in a little mosey.  Everyone went at their pace and turned at about the half way mark.

Cooter kept Griswold and Laettner company…I was no where near them but I’ll bet a nickel Griswold talked the whole way.

Laettner had the Q at the Boonedocks this morning, Convergence on Wednesday and Barnacle on the Q Thursday at the Rolling Stone.  Good potential for a Merlot Splash on Thursday.

Prayers for one of Laettner’s friends who passed away at a young age.  Laettner will be speaking at her funeral today.

YHC took us out in prayer.

Griswold and Laettner got in about 10 miles on the morning.  Nice work boys.



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