• When: 1/15/2018
  • Workout Style: Run
  • QIC: Maytag
  • PAX: cooter, griswold, laettner, maytag, willow
  • AO: Back Blasts

YHC was excited to get to run THE Green Mile this morning.  My four legged friend Buoy was even more excited than I was….he knew what time it was.  I packed him in the car and could not find his leash after looking for about 10 minutes I had to remove him from the car and kennel him back up.  There is a good chance he poops in the house today. He was upset.  I rolled into the parking lot on 2 wheels to find 3 PAX ready to roll.

@cooter, @griswold, willow, @laettner, @maytag

I met Cooter for the first time (props to whoever gave him this name!) and let out a flawless mission statement and off we went toward the water tower.  Griswold, Willow, Cooter and myself hung together whole way to Lee street and back (4.17 miles).  Griswold and Cooter chatted a lot during the run but, as usual, I had to concentrate on breathing.  It was great to get in a little 2nd F with those two guys.  Willow didn’t say a word the entire run.

We were looking for Laettner to come blowing by us at any point but when we returned we found him stretching out at the Beach Mart.  He had his own exercise regimen he was following in preparations for his upcoming ruck challenge that he is facing…he also didn’t know which direction we went.

We went through announcements.  A couple VQ’s this week at the Boonedocks and Croatan.  Show those guys your support this week.

YHC led us in prayer.

What a start to the week.  Thanks for being there today guys.

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