TClaps to Griswold on the standard from Bojo’s, and PillBox who still showed up knowing there would be a 6 Burpee penalty. No Snookie so Plan A was back on the table. A Mosey with cool stuff along the way, no banks but ATM’s just the same. And what’s this, a stranger with his headphones, iphone, shades, etc. Can’t have all that alone time on Vaca, Blake was an easy EH [number one reason men don’t F3 is because no one asked!]. So off we went to the woods, we were no longer strangers and he did’t run off while we did the “Big Sexy”, so he was a keeper. To the Kayak launch, opps, it’s gone, a plethora of abs, upper, lower, some PAX choice and mosey on out. Had to hustle back but yet enough time for some dips, more upper, lower and back work curtesy of every Superman style YHC could come up with. Short and sweet Back Blast as I must get to work after I clean up all the sand I am tracking through the house. Ya just can’t do beach work without it… Cooter took us out COT, I appreciate the special prayers for my little 2.0 – V heading to West Point next week #prouddad, and celebrating my 2 yrs with this crazy group.

My worst BB ever but it is with great sincerity that I thank every one of the men that lace up every day and keep the F3 Nation strong. My life is better for it, I hope to pass that along as often as possible.


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