• When: 03/26/2018
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Griswold
  • PAX: Holiday mansion, monkey wrench (respect), Ron Burgundy (respect), purple rain, Ricardo, Blart (respect), Buckeye, Griswold
  • AO: Ft. Benjamin Park, Knarr

40° is not bad, but 40° with a strong north wind sucks. At 0520 YHC ran around Fort Benjamin to scout out a shelter from the wind, while his clowncar partner, purplerain, sat on the warmth of a heated seat. The countdown was brief from one minute, to a hard start at 0530. We used three running loops this morning, and started out with a warm-up lap around the largest loop (around all of the courts, shelters, and buildings at the park). There were some comments about this being the stampede or dreadnought before we even got to the warmRama:
20 Imperial walkers in cadence
10 sun gods each direction in cadence
15 windmills in cadence
Downward dog into cobra
We then ran a lap around the middle loop which was half the tennis courts and the buildings.
We circled up back at our shelter from the wind, which was a “Q correction” by Ron Burgundy. He must know a weatherman or something?
Copperhead jack-web: 4, 8, 12, 16 IC of copperhead Merkins, Alternating with copperhead squats.
We then moseyed our final lap on the small loop, which was around the buildings only.
On to the tennis courts for 11‘s: Birdman crunches and hands-free Merkens, which again was corrected by Ron Burgundy. Maybe we should let him try his own Q one day? Running for 11s was from the sideline of court 1 to sideline of Court 2. Ron Burgundy was the only one that was doing Birdman crunches incorrectly, which made us wonder if he should practice his listening skills as much as he practices his talking skills(?).
We headed back to the “wind shelter” and partnered up for the start of the main thang. (Thanks Maytag). Partners ran in opposite directions on the small loop and met up for five partner jump-over Burpees each. Then, run back to the start, with a low slow flutter for the six. Then on to the middle loop for “hand jives” which consists of plank to chill cut alternating hands and back to plank (Thank you ENC F3). Lap 3 was the big loop with 20 partner WW1. Some of us were smarter than others and did not end up with wet asses in the grass. Then it was back to the middle loop for 5 single leg Burpee‘s each leg. Lap 5 was on the small loop with 10 wheelbarrow Durkin’s each.
We all arrived back at our wind shelter with four minutes to do a little Mary:
30 IC low slow flutters. This included lots of moaning and groaning. Hopefully no one was in front of the building to hear a bunch of grown men hiding around the corner in the dark with excessive moans and groans.
10 IC ab circles each direction.
15 IC pickle pounders until a hard stop.
Count off, nameaRama, announcements, and prayer requests were made. YHC took us out remembering the Paige family and how good our God is, blessing us with another safe weekend of F3 fellowship.
It was a cold and windy Monday morning, and it sounded like there was some hesitation with the pax about showing up at the knarr today. I appreciate the ones that did. I even appreciate the mumblechatter (Ronnie B is always good for a laugh at 0530).
I really enjoy the partner workouts because they sneak in a little second F with our first F.
It’s always a pleasure BART to Q and post at the knarr. Q’ing three times over a week of an ongoing respiratory cold was challenging, but I loved every minute of it. Thank you all for continuing to motivate me.
When someone asks me about F3, I usually find myself saying: “It’s a great group of guys. They’re really supportive of each other.”   True.
God bless.

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