BossTweed couldn’t make it so YHQ offered to fill in.  I immediately regretted it when I stepped out of my garage and felt the North wind cut through my man tights like a knife.  Warmed up the truck, heated seats and headed to Front St to meet my brothers.  First was Wifi.  We greeted each other through the windows of our respective vehicles as neither of us wanted to get out until we absolutely had to.  Finally we braved the cold to start stretching and bitching to see the man, the myth, the legend, Graco, running down Front St.  He scheduled himself a standard from crib to the AO in the sub-arctic temps.  T-claps for that one bro.  Then Bunyon rolled up and it was time to get going.  Mission statement – CHECK.  Disclaimer – MEH, covered it.


Ran down to the roundabout and then back to the Maritime Museum to warm up a little.

SSH x 20 – IC

Good mornings x 20 – IC

Hillbillies x 20 – IC

Cotton Pickers x 20 – IC

Sun Gods x 20 – IC

10 Merkins and we’re off.


1) IMPROV – the goal was to find places that were protected from the wind and get it done.

Stop 1 – Baptist Church (Southside) – squats x 10, Mtn climbers x 10 IC, plank jacks x 10 IC

Stop 2 – SS Building (Southside) – squats x 20, Mtn climbers x 20 IC, plank Jacks x 20 IC

Stop 3 – Dockhouse (Southside Boardwalk) – squats x 30, Mtn climbers x 30 IC, plank jacks x 30 IC (luckily they power wash the deck at the Dockhouse every night so it wasn’t as gross as it looked).

2) PROPs – each of the PAX was given a 25lb something or other (Graco got the 30 lb Ruck plate).

Started with LT Dan and added weight down the parking lot.  Stopped for 20 Merkins and then back.  Erkins on the benches then some lifting.  Three rounds of Curls, Military Press and tricep ext.  First x 20, then x 15 and finally x 10.  2/3rds into it Bunyon’s hands began to freeze.  Luckily he found a way to put his pocketbook down and get back to it with only a few tears.  Admittedly the weights were not very well thought out as it was absolutely freezing, but after all we are men.

3) SOMETHING NEW – put the weights away and Bunyon educated us on the Mike Tyson.  I assumed in honor of Chrithmith, but I think it is because he likes the way Wifi Bear Crawls.  3 rounds was enough.


YHQ led LBCs x 30 IC

Graco led Boxcutters x 20 IC

Wifi led BossTweeds x 20 IC

It was a good one.  Obvious to the PAX that it was all on the fly.  2.5 miles and cold AF.  As always, a pleasure to lead.  Looking forward to additional workout in BFT in January.  Happy New Year Gents.

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