It was nice to see several HIM’s already at the workout with all that had happened the day before with Dorian.  Post Hurricane workouts do not usually get large numbers, but it was a pleasure to help lead 9 men ready to help each other push thru.  Several warnings given with Griswold and Blart ready to roll.

Griswold started out with a perfect oration of F3 and proceeded to warn the pax he was a bit upset about not putting in 20 miles this weekend up in the mountains so be prepared.  Not skipping a beat Griswold went right into a warm up and off to the first station.

Partner up and perform the following:   Partner 1 Amrap Merkins while Partner 2 took a coupon to the top of the steps and push out 10 overhead presses.  Flip and repeat.    2nd round –  LBC’s    3rd round – Plankjacks


Go to the front of the concession stand and 3 rounds of Prisoner Squats, Something, and Cooperhead Squats

Move to the front and  perform 3 rounds of wall walks IC with Hand release Merkins in between

Mosey out to the ballfield and perform count up flapjacks: Merkins and LBC’s

At this point it was time for YHC to take over.  Mosey over to the tennis courts.

The pax would run suicide Merkin countup.  First line and back One Merkin, up to full court and back with 6 Merkins

Having to return, same pattern with LBC’s.

Off to the back parking lot to perform 4 corners.  1st Corner was Omaha’s to WWI’s  2nd corner Worst Merkins ever

3rd corner Cooperhead mix – Squats, Merkins   4th corner Ice skaters and knee thrusts

Mosey down to the Circles of Love. 3 tires (4th had a snake Snooki left at home  Thank you)  break into 3 teams and flip once and go to the back of the line until 5 flips were performed and then turn around rinse and repeat. Do this 4 times. YHC took the pax back towards the flag due to time constraints.  2 Sprints across the parking lot for those who needed extra mileage.  YHC then gave a HIllary approved yoga cool down.  Hard stop.

Prayer concerns, Announcements, FranknBeans took us out in COT.  Thank you Griswold for letting me help Q today.  Until the next one.   Blart out.

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