YHC was almost jealous that he wasn’t going to get to use the slip n slide this morning but as I pulled up and saw Bunion, Boss Tweed, and Whinnie the Poo waiting I was energized and new I was in the right place. After a quick disclaimer we were off the the Museum for Warmarama:

SSH x 20 IC

Windmill x 15IC

Hillbillies x 15 IC

Cotton Pickers x 15 IC

Hamstring stretch right over left then left over right x 30 count each

Monkey Humpers x 10 IC

The Thang:

Moseyed back towards the day dockhouse along the boardwalk and stopped at the Dockhouse and completed 20 dips IC, 20 step ups IC and 15 Merkins SC then we were off to my favorite bench for some partner work.

Partner 1 AL Gore x 30 seconds and copperhead Squats IC while Partner 2 ran around the bank, next room round was jump lunges. We completed box jumps x 10 SC on bench then Dips/air press jack Webb IC 8:16:24

moseyed to craven street and performed balls to the wall shoulder taps IC x 10 then Australia mountain climbers x 10 IC, 10 Merkins SC. We ran back to the Museum for some ab work.

LBC x25 IC

Dyinf cockroach x 25 IC

ski jumps in plank IC x 10

Parker Peter x 15 IC

Petee Parker x 15 IC

moseyed back to the parking lot for some BOM. YHC took us out prayer for those in Texas. it was a pleasure boys until next time



Pax: Whinnie the Poo, Bunion, Boss Tweed

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