YHC arrived in the gloom at the Dock House parking lot with little time to spare only to find that no one had arrived. As I gathered my gloves and braced for the rain YHC sees Boss Tweed and Bunyon coming in hot! We mosey to an awning and a very recently named FNG recruited by Bunyon scampers across Front St. and introduces himself as Ronrico (cheap Rum). The clock strikes 5:30a, the rain lightens, and it’s a hard start with the mission and disclaimer delivered as we mosey to the Maritime Museum for Warmarama: SSH x 20 IC, Windmills x 20 IC, Hillbilly’s x 20 IC, Cotton Pickers x 20 IC, Sun Gods x 20 IC fwd/rev, Good Mornings x 20 IC, R over L x 20 SC & Reverse.

The Thang:

  • Mosey to Turner St.: Lt. Dan to the 1st Light, Bear Crawl to the 2nd Light, Lt. Dan to the 3rd Light
  • Mosey to Grayden Paul Park across from Town Hall and partner up for a Dora:
    • Partner A circumnavigate Town Hall while Partner B starts named exercise and so on and so forth to completion of the following:
    • 100 Merkins, 150 Derkins, 200 Dips, and 200 step ups
  • Mosey to Tweed’s Marina for some concrete paver work: Bicep Curls x 20 SC, Tricep Extensions x 20 SC, Chest Press x 20 SC, rinse and repeat the round
  • Mosey to Queen St: BTTW x 20 SC each PAX, Peoples Chair x 20 SC each PAX
  • Mosey back to the Dock House for Mary: LBC x 20 IC, LSF x 20 IC, Box Cutter x 20 IC, American Hammer x 20 IC
  • 5:30a Hard Stop declared and gather for announcements followed by the COT where YHC took us out in prayer

It was truly a pleasure to lead these fine men who posted in true F3 fashion come rain or shine. As I write this delinquent BB (YHC’s humblest apologies), it dawns on YHC that his F3 journey began the very same week in July 2017 at Carterican Ct., MHC, NC specifically on July 27th. Dang it, YHC missed his own 1 yr anniversary. Well nonetheless, it has been a great journey trying to get stronger, trying to get better, meeting new friends, getting much needed support every step of the way, and learning new things from this extremely talented F3 Nation we affectionately call Caterico!! Thanks for the memories men and look forward to many more to come!!

Wifi out…..SYITG.

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