• When: 12/21/17
  • Workout Style: BOOT CAMP
  • AO: Back Blasts

YHC was glad to follow another PAX member to the AO, even though he didn’t recognize the vehicle.  It turned out to be Spinal Tap, who joined Sniffer in the parking lot. YHC had stated if four or more show we will go it alone and leave the Swashbuckler’s to battle with Blart across the street. Lil Smokey rolled up to hit our number and Holiday made it an even five. The largest number at Earned Respect, so far. Prior to the workout there was a lot of conversation on how much running we would do. I reminded them of what Plunger says, “I don’t like to run but I need too”. YHC explained to the PAX that he really didn’t have a workout planned because he thought the numbers would be low and we would be with Blart. The countdown caught up with YHC and 5:30 was here. Mission statement given and what F3 stands for. Invigoration not reinvigoration isn’t that right Pasqually.


Mosey to the middle of the parking lot for Warm-A-Rama a when Holiday Mansion brought up the fact all the Q’s, in the East, were respect brothers.  T-Claps to all. SSH x 15, Sun Gods x10 each way, Spinal Tap was hoping the folks riding by didn’t think it was some weird religious ritual. YHC reminded him,  that is why we do it at Glad Tidings, let them explain it. Kidding with my GT brothers. Abe Vigodas x 15, Mosey to the far end of the parking lot Cotton Pickers x15, Hill Billy’s x 15, and Good Mornings x 15. Mosey to the back of the building for the Thang.


Start at the beginning of the parking lot lines and do an exercise called out by YHC and do the exercise, run to end of the parking lot lines, do the exercise and back to start doing the exercise. 1st Rd. Hand release Merkins x 10, 2nd Prisoner Squats x 10, 3rd Mountain Climbers x 10, 4th WW1’s x 10 Rinse and Repeat.

Once again YHC came up with an exercise that had no name but explaining it to the smartest PAX in Carteret County was easy. Working your way across the parking lot, bear crawl from the  first line to the next, turn over and crab walk to the next line, alternating until you reach the end of the lines. There was some discussion on what to call it but YHC decided “Bear Crab Liners” subject to change.

Mosey to the playground and look for some picnic tables but there were none. PAX improvised so off to the playground and find a board. Thank goodness there were only five of us. Round one dips x 20 (IC), Earkins  x 20 (SC), Boss Tweed  x 20 (IC), Rd 2 x 15 for all, Rd 3 x 10 for all.

Mosey all the way around the parking lot, under the drive thru when Holiday suggests Balls to the Wall. YHC was not overly enthusiastic about the suggestion, with one knee bloodied from Monkey Wrench’s workout the day before but the challenge was accepted.  Balls to the Wall for a 10 count each man. There was talk about Monkey showing off the day before doing them one handed. YHC forgot one important element about Balls to the Wall, be the last one. As each man counted down the line Sniffer was the last man to count. I’m not sure if he has been around Double Mint too long but his 10 count became the slowest in history. Sniffer never admitted it but his count was slow enough to break the Q and put him on the ground. I believe that was his plan. You know, like the lamp getting broke in “The Christmas Story”. You assume but you never know the truth. What do you do when the PAX breaks you? You get back up for a 5 count each man and then a 3 count to finish. YHC was smart enough to start with Sniffer, so he couldn’t put the Q down again.

Mosey to the where we started for Mary


American Hammer x 20

LBC’s x 20….Hard Stop

Workouts on Slack for tomorrow.  Christmas Day workouts were discussed and we are all waiting to hear from our leaders. Spinal has the bands and some of us will probably come out. Convergence or regular? We wait.

Spinal Tap was ready to take us in prayer but YHC told him to hold off and pray at the ruck. YHC enjoys his prayer and it is just enough to hold him over to Sunday, with Creflo. YHC took the PAX out in prayer.

YHC was getting a little discourage about the new workout and was pleased to have so many with him. Rome was built in a day, so YHC will keep pressing on. The weather hasn’t been great but the company has been. Thank you men for coming and supporting YHC. T-claps to Spinal for being on time.

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