It was a glorious morning in the heart of Newport as the Pax rolled into the AO ready to kickoff the week. Some of our more respectable Pax (Ron and Monkey) were a bit intimidated by YHA’s bare chest and the possibility of an extra sweaty morning, but their fears were obsolved by explaining it was due to the lack of laundry performed over the weekend. With that it was a hard start and we were off on a mosey.


Sungods IC X10 and reverse, Cotton Pickers IC X8, LoR and RoL, Hillbillies IC X10


We started off on the Ft. Benjamin mile circuit, stopping along the way for Merkins X15, Planksjack IC X20, Squats X25, WW1s X30, Prisoner Ups ICX20, CatalinaWM ICX20, Lunging 40ish yards, Irkins X20 and finishing off with Burpees X10.

We then moving on to the shelter for picnic tables snakes running up and over going through twice, then The DIP IC X10 and Irkins X15. Mosey over to the other shelter and rinse and repeat but with Derkins X10.

On to the Tennis court and two laps with run forward, side shuffle, run back back, side shuffle. Then the Big Sexy: Pickle pounders, boss tweeds, and monkey humpers all IC X15. Then rinse and repeat for a second round.

Moseying over to the amphitheatre for people’s chair and balls to the wall for 10 counts down the line by the PAX.

To the parking lot for squat suicides. 1 squat at the first line, run backwards back, to two squats at the second line and back, all the way up to 10.

With a few minutes left for Mary and Freddy merks ICX20, Low slow flutter X20, and WW1s X25.

Kiwi took us out in Prayer.



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